Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What a wonderful productive day !! It feels so good when you get so much done ! And boy did I do a lot today !!! I TOTALLY cleaned out my bathroom ! Scrubbed from floor to walls !! Literally cleaned every inch ! sink, toilet , shower, mirrors and ALL !! Even the shower curtain !! LOL

Second task of the day was going through my closet !! I am please to say Joel and I have one large trash bag of clothes to donate !! We were thinking maybe a Haiti donation or Chile ? Not sure we might just end up donating locally , but either way a good dead is a good dead !!!

Third task of the day was to cook a nutritious and yummy lunch !!! We are trying to eat more at home to save money and to eat healthier !! I steamed some yummy pesto covered salmon and had some tossed pasta !!! YUM-O and totally easy and healthy !!!

Fourth task !! I did like a billion loads of laundry !! Which is a big task of its own !! LOL no body enjoys doing laundry am i right ? I will admit there is still one basket waiting to be folded but hey i got alot done other wise !!!

Fifth task babysitting for an hour !! LOL need I say more ?

Sixth task SHOPPING went to wal-mart and bought alot of things we needed !! Like cleaning supplies and ramen LOL After the tsunami scare every market in Lahaina was bough out of RAMEN !! how crazy is that ???? We also bought other things !!!

Seventh task COSTCO lol thats always a long dreaded shopping trip , but list in hand we made it pretty fast and easy !! I cant wait to sink my teeth into those yummy cuties !!! [Mandarin oranges] We even had time to eat a quick dinner at Costco !! Nothing beats a quick cheap dinner !

All in all it was a great productive day !! We even go to visit with Joels family in Wailuku today ! haven't seen them personally in a few weeks so it was nice !!! His nephew is getting so BIG !!! Sorry if this post is boring [no pics :/] But just wanted to quickly right about my fabulous day and now im off too unwillingly watch 2012...NIGHTMARES here we come LOL

Have a great night !!! Lets pray tomorrow is as smooth and GREAT i have alot of my agenda :D

xoxo Gab

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