Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween !

I LOVE HALLOWEEN ! It's always been such a festive tradition in my family to celebrate this holiday ! Dressing up in fun costumes , eating loads of candy , carving pumpkins !! What's not to like right ? ha-ha Especially living in Maui , Hawaii !! Halloween is a pretty big deal ! It's been known to be called the "Mardi-gras" of the Pacific LOLZ !!! Every year my "maui" family and I dress up as a theme !! The first year we dressed up we were a family of pirates !! The next characters from cinderella (lol) and last year was a bug theme haha !!!

This year's theme is ...... 

haha yes you are looking at the right picture !!! I know there are pretty much all the nintendo characters here LOL and so is the inspiration of our Halloween theme this year !! Joel and I will be dressing as the infamous.....

haha Joel (my bf) will be dressing up as Luigi ! And I will be MARIO !! yay ! We are trying to look traditional but with a more modern touch ! HOWEVER as usual resources are limited on Maui ! LOL and I am having a hard time finding exactly what I need online !! I am looking at these boots from Forever 21 for my costume... Tell me what you think ...

I know not exactly Mario -esque ! But I want to get something I will wear after halloween is over haha! And I have decided to wear jean shorts instead of the ol' overalls ! So These boots might be cute !! Right ???? LOL

I also was looking at these ! They are so Mario ( or I think so anyways ) But I think I would wear the boots a little more then these bad boys... AHHH choice's Choice's !! Any recommendations ?

These are prbly the hats we are going to go with ! We like the more modern take ... LOL 

Ah besides gloves and red and green shirts that pretty much completes our costumes !!! OH AND THE MUSTACHE of course !! LOL how fun right ??? What are you going to be for halloween ???

xo Gabriella

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Beach ~_~

Haven't gone the beach in ages ! I am always so lazy on my days off!!!  lol but Joel is dragging my not so tan bum out today ... Should be interesting ?.. Ugh all I can think about is I need a new bathing suit and other girlish concerns about going to the beach LOL >_< I know we usually have a great time going ...

HAHAA there is my photo proof to myself that it is fun !!! LOL but these are kinda old :/ from before my waterproof camera became not so waterproof :[ lol.... Hmmmm I should really invest in another.... well ne-who this blog is just a random rambling ... HAPPY TUESDAY :]

xx Gabriella

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love Mermaids!!

I have always had an intense fascination with Mermaids ! I think it went hand in hand with my love for the ocean ! Growing up my mother would always take us to the beach , and the aquarium !! She loves the ocean because her favorite color is blue !! haha Oh the beauty and grace mermaids have ! Too bad they aren't real :[

So the other day I was inspired by the beauty and fantasy of Mermaids ! Enough to do a Mermaid inspired look for my YouTube Channel I have a "Halloween Series" that I am doing right now since Halloween is just around the corner ! I have always wanted to be a Mermaid for Halloween !!! But I need to get into better shape then that ;] hehe ANYWAYS here are a few shots of the look I came up with!!!
As you probably know I also do video tutorials ! And I DEFIANTLY made one for this look I also tried something new I made hair tutorial ! YAY Check out the videos Below :]



I love making my videos ! My heart will always be with blogging but whew making videos takes alot of time lol but its fun ! and its a great for getting my name out there ! 
Ah well I hope everyone is having an AMAZING Sunday ! Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like what you see :] haha and let me know if you have any requests for Halloween makeup looks !

xoxo Gabriella

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Makeup Blog Haul :]

Yo blog friends !! So I went on a makeup shopping spree not to long ago :] on the oh so wonderful !! Free shipping is always such a trap haha !!! But hey living in Hawaii shipping can get kind of crazy !! Any who , I decided to blog my haul rather then make a video... I dont get alot of response from haul videos(YET) so i'll do Haul Blogs for now :]

ELF Golden Bronzer :] (Studio Line) $3

ELF Warm Bronzer (studio line ) $3

ELF Matte Bronzer (reg line) $1

Tarina Tarantino E/S in Candy Cameo (gifted)

Swatch of Candy Cameo :]

ELF all over Color Sticks (reg line) $1 each

Swatches of Color Sticks Left to Right :
Toasted : Pink Lemonade : Persimmon  

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy (reg line) $1

Swatch of Shy Blush :]

ELF Lip Liners (reg line) $1 each

Swatches of the Lip Liners from Left to Right :
Mauve Luxe : Bark : Bitter : Natural Blush : Spice

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipsticks (reg line) $1 each

Lipstick Swatches Left to Right 
Maple Sugar : Pink Lemonade : Strawberry
(I had more of these but I had to give them to a client so they could retouch later >_<)

Yves Saint Laurent Pallate (gifted) Harmony for eyes #7

 Unfortuneatly I do not know the names of these colors :[ But look at that pay off ! PRETTY 
Urban Decay Sustainable Pallate (gifted) Love this pallate , but tons of fallout :[

 Colors From top of the pallate , Left to Right :
Twice Baked : YDK : FlipSide: Grifter : VZI

Colors from Bottom of Pallate : Left to Right :
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again : FLASH : Oil Slick : Kiddie Pool : Half Baked 
Well there you have it my full haul complete with swatches haha :] There were a few other things i got... That I have to find ! haha :[ I also hurt my neck due too... Well to be honest I don't know how I hurt my neck but it is  killing me haha its better then it in initially was ... So I am thankful for that !

Until my next post !!

Buh Bye :]


Saturday, September 11, 2010


Tarte is a makeup line that is a natural and eco friendly ! AND AWESOME haha I mean I havent tried a whole lot of their products ... But the few things I have tried I have LOVED !!

First thing is the Tarte Natural Face Primer : Clean Slate :]

I am a sucker for a good primer ! This one is so cool ! When you squeeze a bit out it is a gel like texture but then as you rub it into your skin it almost turns into a powdery type of texture ! Feels amazing and NOT heavy which is something that is very important to me ! Clean Slate is also PARABEN free !! yay ! To Purchase this Item or Read more about it click Here :]

Another Tarte item I am familiar with are their most wonderful Cheek Stains !! I know I know who in their right  mind would want to stain their cheeks right ?! haha well trust me , they are wonderful and alcohol free so they wont dry out your skin ! Check them out HERE
The Tarte Lip Stains are something I AM DYING TO TRY !! Usually lip stains are extreamly drying that way they can stain your lippys haha but these claim to be not only moisturizing but also PLUMPING !! How exciting eh ? They have these above lovely "matte" Shades and also their regular formula !!

Oh How I wish I could buy tarte products ! Thanks to Macina to turning me onto Tarte Cosmetics !

Friday, September 10, 2010

No Makeup Case :/

Usually I fill my lonely evenings with makeup :/ But tonight I forgot my case in the car ... and Joel took the car to work... haha fail :[ But ne who ! Tomorrow is another Night alone and I PROMISE to have swatches of my Elf/Sephora haul !! haha

If you dont follow my YouTube Channel... YOUR missing out haha just messing ! But since Halloween is around the corner I have started my "Halloween" Series ! I started the series with an Anime Look Inspired by the Character Kairi From Kingdom Hearts ... If your not familiar with the game here is a photo...

Kairi is the cute girl in the game ! I decided to start off my series with her because I know alot of gamers and anime peeps do alot of "cosplay" So this look is pretty versatile for even when its not Halloween :]

Here is my video featuring my friend Jennifer :]

And if you haven't already please subscribe to my YouTube Channel :] I would really really appreciate it :D

Have a happy Aloha Friday !

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award !! :D

Yay ! So this is OFFCIALY my first "blog award" !! Its from Tracepoo at A Maui Mommy funny thing Tracepoo was also once my Po'okela(sp) teacher in High School :D Super cool thanks so much !! I really appreciate it :D

Okay, so... to officially accept this award, I am supposed to reveal 5 secrets about me or my blog.  Sooooooo Here we GOOO :D
#1 I never planned on Makeup/ Hair being a career and such a passion !!

Originally I was on the track to do marine biology !! I love everything about the ocean ! ( and I still do) But my now boss/mentor opened my eyes to the beauty industry ! I always as a young girl was cutting my own hair  ! Doing everyones makeup and being creative ! Little did I know I was some what good at it haha :] How I am so greatful to have met her !! 

#2 I am OBSESSED with being organized :D

I really am !! I never noticed it as much growing up and sharing a room with my brothers and sisters ! But the second I got my own room is when I realized how neat and tidy I like everything to be ! My closet is color coordinated :] I also have all my makeup , and hair products neatly tucked away into their own little holders :D I love shopping for all sorts of little things to help organize my life ! 

#3 Moving to Hawaii was not planned... or wanted (at First)

When I moved here to Maui unfortunately it was against my will ! I wont get into direct details but it was not a good time in my life for me :/ When I moved here from California I was miserable ! But it took a good 2 years for me to realize why I was here ... and I couldnt love and appreciate it more now that I have matured and grown up ! Sure its slow paced and sometimes I can get a little bored , but hey I LIVE IN PARADISE !!! What more can I ask for  ?

#4 I'm more in love with Blogging then Vlogging !

As some of you may or may not know I do some vlogging/ tutorials on YouTube as well , but I think my heart is with Blogging ! Something about typing is less frontal hahaha for obvious reasons heehe but I do enjoy making my tutorials ! Im hoping eventually that this will help me spread my name in the industry as it has from some others :D

#5 I dont like to be called GABBY hahahaha

Random fact I hate being called Gabby :[ I love my name Gabriella !! I will settle for Gab or Gabrie or even the oh so short and sweet G ... But for some reason Gabby makes my ears bleeed{ haha dramatic} but yeah... hahaha

Okay so Now I am to award this to 5 other bloggers.... Here I go :] **Drum Roll**

Hope You Ladies Enjoy your award ! I GREATLY love reading all your blogs :]

Aloha all :D