Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Beauty !!!

Happy Holidays Blogger World !! 
I have been MIA due to the holiday season and lack of camera :/
I was contemplating even posting this post seeing as I have no camera !!
But good thing there is the interent LOL internet photos will have to do until I get a camera :/

So here are my Beauty Related Presents that I got this Christmas !! :

Nars Brush #21

Nars Brush #20

Nars Brush #27

MAC Lipstick in Heartless
Lise Watier  Concealer Wheel

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Extended Play

Revlon Lip Stain/balm in Crave

Revlon Just Bitten in Flame 

Loreal Million Lashes Mascara 

Este Lauder Perfume in Beyond Paradise 

Juicy Couture Perfume in Viva La Juicy 

And Yeah I think that pretty much sums up my "Beauty" Christmas Gifts !! I am so thankful for everything that was gifted to me :D What were your favorite Christmas Gifts ??

Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Perfect Imperfections

So there was this tag on YouTube called "Perfect Imperfections"
You are supposed to list 3 things about yourself that you do not like
Then list 3 things that you do like about yourself!
Now let me just say this now , I am so not into self hating !
But hey we are women and quite frankly we all have things we do not particulary love about ourselves !! Am I right ?
I decided to make this into a blog post rather then a video BECAUSE ... well because I wanted to LOL !!! SO here it goes .....

#1 "imperfection"

I dont know what is going on with it latley but it is just GOING NUTS !
and by NUTS I mean Acne prone :[

#2 "imperfection"

MY Teeth :[
They aren't exactly "straight" which bothers me a tad ...
But it's a cosmetic issue which is why I havent gotten braces yet ...
Oh and also the $$$ factor LOL

#3 "Imperfection"

MY FEET lol!!
They are small and wide !! Which makes it hard to wear super cute heels !! :[

OKAY OKAY enough of that lol on to the "good" things !!

#1 "perfection"

I have always liked my "almond" shaped eyes ! It's nice to have a focal point on your face that you like !! LOL

#2 "perfection"

My lips ?
Iono they are full , which is nice I supposed LOL

#3 "perfection"

My beauty marks !! LOLOL
I know so weird but Iono I have always loved a good beauty mark !

Okay I am not in anyway saying im perfect or that the above things are perfect ... but they are what i like most about myself :]

Anyways my friend Micaela is leaving the island tommrrow :[
This is something I really really hate about Maui !!
Its so transitional , especially people my age !
Always coming and going :/
Im going to miss you Micaela

On a different note ! We sent out our christmas cards !! FINALLY !! Here is the picture we used :]

Happy Holidays From Maui !

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shoe Collection : Vyou Question

LOL so this is a totally random post but on my Vyou I was asked :
" Shoe me your shoe collection? It's not a fetish question but purely a fashion one"

LOL Funny question ! I would have posted a video respone butttt 
#1 that would have been the longest video ever since I cant edit them
#2 my internet connection isnt the best so it would have lagged lol

So this is why I have decided to make this question into a blog post :]
Person whom I don't know who answered this question... I hope you enjoy?  lol

Black Suede Flats with Turquoise flower detailing : Ross
Cream colored flats from Italy 

Brown "pleather" Sandals : Jeans Warehouse
Tan "pleather" sandals with Gold and Brown beaded detail : from Italy

My Vans and Chucks :]
Brown Sandal Wedges : Steve Madden
Brass Plum Gladiator Wedges : Nordstrom 
Greyish Strappy Studded Heels : Jeans Warehouse
Black "pleather" wedge heels with peep-toe front : Shoe Fetish 
Naughty Monkey Suede Buckle Boots : Macy's 
Grey Suede Boots : from California 
Black Suede Boots (same as Grey)
Greyish "pleather" Bamboo Boots from : Sandal Tree (oahu)

So yeah there is my shoe collection in a nutshell , minus all my flip flops and some unworthy others haha !! As you probably notices I have alot of sandals !! Well that is because as you know I live in Hawaii !! I also own a lot of wedges ... because I suck at walking in heels and I havent found beautiful pairs worth buying :[

And my Boot obsession is quite strange I know considering I live in Hawaii but what can I say ! I am willing to suffer being hot for a cute pair of boots :]
XO Gabriella

Holiday Makeup Video !!!

I finally made a Holiday Makeup Tutorial !!! 
Sorry I have been MIA , I was raging about lighting and quality !!
LOL but without further adieu here is my Video !!


The Products in the Video were given to me from Marian from BeautiControl Inc ! I will do a blog or video review on these products soon !! So far I am in LOVE <3 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Giveaway !!

Happy Holidays Blogging Friends ! 
I made a quick giveaway video for the Holiday Season !!
Featuring Maui Thing Clothing Company and Soleil Luna Salon and Spa !

Only Downside to our giveaway is that it is only available to our fellow Maui Hawaii Residents !
Reason being you need to be present at the Holiday Party to redeem your Gift :D

Take a Look here at my Video :] And read below it for more details !


So The Rules are Pretty Simple :] You must be a fan of My Makeup Page , Soleil Luna's Fanpage and Maui Things Fanpage on Facebook !! Click the Below Links To "Like" These Pages :

You Must Leave a Comment on the Video Telling us that you "fanned" all three Pages to be eligible ! You must also Leave a comment on the Video either about your favorite Holiday tradion or somethins just Christmas-ish . Both of these comments equal ONE ENTRY !

To Get an EXTRA Entry you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE

Contest Ends Friday Morning 10am ! Good Luck Guys ! Please let me know if you have any questions !!!

PS The makeup Look I am wearing in the Video is on the editing floor for my first Holiday Makeup Tutorial So keep on the look out for that !!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello my Name is Gabriella and ....


facebook obviously LOL


My Cell Phone

HELP lol Do I have a problem I seriously LOVE SHOPPING a little to much !! I cant not go into a store and not buy something LOL ESPECIALLY if its on SALE !! AH I sure do love a good sale !

What are your addictions ?
xo Gabriella

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I remember once watching that one movie "In Her Shoes " with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette . That movie mesmerized me with its story and Toni's Characters SHOE collection !! OMG LOL

A story about a sisters , shoes and life . I loved how Toni's Characters obsession for shoes zeroed in on the fact that shoes are the best thing to buy because they always fit ! What a perfect way for us women to indulge and spend a little cash ! HA I know today's society see's the ideal women to be small trim and fit . But let's be honest with ourselves here , most women are curvy and sexy as heck ! LOL But besides the point ... lets indulge in some shoe porn :]

Oh how I adore u so beautiful shoes ! Until my next post good night <3

xo Gabriella

Saturday, November 27, 2010

chop chop my bangs

AH I always seem to do stupid implusive stuff when im bored and tired and alone LOL I guess tonight was the un-lucky night that I chopped off my own bangs....

The inspiration ? ... None really just pure boredom .
But if I had to pick a picture of bangs that kinda inspired mine I would pick this one ...

But lets face it its not that easy to cut cute blunt bangs on yourself.. ugh LOL 

Now thats a lot of hair :[ 

What do you guys think ? Yay or Nay ? LOL

Friday, November 26, 2010

Vyou is a new site I have been checking out lately ! It is pretty much like a vlogging site in my opinion ... But with a slight twist !! You are able to ask questions of the person , whomever channel you may be looking at !

I made one to hopefully make an insight to my personality . I know I already make my YouTube Videos and what not but this is a more personal type of thing ! Because you directly can ask me questions and get a video response ! Pretty cool eh ? Best part is you don't need an account to ask questions !!!

So feel free to check it out and ask away :D

I bid you good day 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Makeup

I did Make a video for this look HOWEVER I do not think I will post it . My lack of proper recording materials makes this makeup look ; look a lot like my "Natural Neutral" when in actuality its NOTHING like that look LOL !

You see this look ! On camera (shitty MacBook webcam) it looks goldish brown ... when in real life its gold , light cranberry in the crease then a deep wine color in the outer V ... I wish I could capture this look in all its beauty ... But until i get #1 Better lighting and #2 better camera / video camera #3 better computer  I dont know how this is possible .

Ugh , lol im so out of it lately . Not feeling 100% Healthy ... Due to everyone around me being sick and I feel like im gaining back the weight I lost :( wah wah wah

LOL ill stop this post while im ahead ! Have a Happy Thanksgiving all !!
I wish I could post pictures , but even my regular camera is broken.. YAY ME 

lol xoxo Gabriella

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my hands smell like chemicals !

Mostly because I just scrubbed my bathroom sink and cleaned out my messy drawers haha !
Ah this is what my life needed a little break from filming/blogging (even thought I LOVE IT )
I needed some time to organize my shiz and my life haha !
But i'm back trying to get into the full of swing of things !


Ah I am sitting here on my couch about to watch Dexter ! While whitening my teeth ! All is well , only thing that would make this more perfect is if Joel was here <3

I am trying the five minute whitening system it tastes like crap but Im guessing anything that is supposed to whiten your teeth wouldn't taste like super good hahahaha

Ill have to make sure and let you all know how it works haha !

Well im off to enjoy this guy all by my lonesome <3