Saturday, November 27, 2010

chop chop my bangs

AH I always seem to do stupid implusive stuff when im bored and tired and alone LOL I guess tonight was the un-lucky night that I chopped off my own bangs....

The inspiration ? ... None really just pure boredom .
But if I had to pick a picture of bangs that kinda inspired mine I would pick this one ...

But lets face it its not that easy to cut cute blunt bangs on yourself.. ugh LOL 

Now thats a lot of hair :[ 

What do you guys think ? Yay or Nay ? LOL


  1. SUPER YAY! I love the blunt fringe Gab. How are you babe? Haven't seen ya around. Hope all is well.

    xx Love & Aloha

  2. Oh and who made your banner!??! me likey.. I want one!!! :)

  3. Hey there :] HA you rock it better then I but thanks :D Did it myself ! Obviously haha But my Friend Michelle made me one , I can see if she would want to for you ?