Sunday, December 25, 2011


I'm officially a " I only blog on holidays blogger " ha I hate that ! I always say im working on fixing that , but I never seem to actually follow through haha im lame ... ANYWAYS.
Today was my first Christmas back in California in almost 5 years !
Also my first Christmas with my youngest brother !!!!

Needless to say it was very magical haha !!

I love everything about the holidays ! I especially enjoyed hanging out with my baby bro , everything is so exciting to him ! Its so refreshing to see such happiness coming from something so simple and pure .

I got many wonderful gifts , im so spoiled by my loved ones !! I was especially excited about my NEW BEAUTIFUL VANITY ! Ugh its so fit for a princess ! I hope it inspires me to record more videos , and maybe even BLOG more . At the very least inspire some killer MOTD looks for my TUMBLR account ! haha AND thanks to my amiga Michelle I now have a link on the sidebar to my lovely tumblr account to which I post daily(( Another wonderful Christmas gift ! new blog layout and widgets <3)) !!! ALSO check out Michelle's pages!! Links also listed in the side bar .

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight <3

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving - Black Friday !

This Thanksgiving weekend was full of firsts !!!!
Joels official first thanksgiving dinner with me and JUST IN GENERAL !
Can you believe that he has never had thanksgiving dinner ??? haha I love that guy !
It was my first Thanksgiving back in almost 5 years !! yowza ! It was nice to be with the family again !

Another Thanksgiving first ... BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING !
Joel and I went shopping with my brother and his gf , we hit up Target , Toys R Us and Best Buy .
It was pretty crazy BUT not as crazy as I had expected !
Joel and I got most of our Christmas Shopping done !!! and saved almost $100 !!
Feels great considering we are on a tight budget with the move !

Our loot !! Joel wants to start wrapping already haha it's not even December !!!
I cant wait till we get our Christmas Decorations up and a Tree !!

Happy Thanksgiving !!! On to Christmas !

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wedding Dress

So I have yet to plan anything for my Wedding . We aren't having a ceremony for a few years , but I figure maybe I should start looking at some stuff ... Right ??
I dont wanna give away too much of my ideas , haha cuz im sneaky like that ;)
But Im really loving parts of these dresses , WISH WISH I could afford to get a dress custom made.
Because quite frankly my vision is pretty unique (well i think so at least haha)

What I love about this dress :
I love the lace , I think its so classic looking ! Everyone hates short wedding dress' for me but I just adore this short dress !! I wouldnt wear it for the Ceremony , but maybe for the reception ? Just an idea ha

What I Love about this dress:
The deep back V ! It's sexy without being OVERLY sexy ! I really hate showing cleavage personally , so I know for sure I dnt want anything to front revealing . So I think a deep back V is a good compromise . To be honest the front of this dress is just plain gross :[ no offense to the designer !! But the back is beautiful :]

Hmm Dresses

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zombie Makeup

So I did zombie makeup the other day , and well it was pretty amazing and cool LOL
I first practiced the night before on my one and only .... JOEL

I was pretty happy with his look for the most part .... EXCEPT I hate that his scar didn't really blend into his skin tone , but I didn't have foundation dark enough LOL !!! Might have to invest in a shade for him hehe. So all that practice led up to my Zombie look for work .... And it came out pretty cool ...

Needless to say I got some weird stares that day haha !! But it was a fun easy look to do! I really want to do a video for this look , I tried to today actually BUT I just dont have the proper editing software or lighting . But im going to re-attempt the look Friday morning perhaps .

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Looks !

Been doing some fun halloween looks :]

My fun take on a "Fairy" Look !

My Vampire look LOL my personal fave!

Cleopatra Makeup !! This was fun to do !!!

Stay tuned for todays look :]

Friday, October 14, 2011


I post everyday on my Tumblr lol sometimes more then once a day ! Its so mobile and easy !
I love my blogger dont get me wrong !! Blogger till the end but cant beat the mobility of Tumblr !

On my Tumblr I post MOTD ( makeup of the day )
And whatever else I feel like posting HA-HA

Here was my MOTD for today !

I wore my semi usual purple smokey eye , thinking about making a video on it .
Its kinda been my go-to look latley :]

Go into the halloween spirit today and did some cool halloween nail art :]

Gave myself mummy nails :] gotta be honest cant stop staring at them haha!!!!
Till next time !

~ Gabriella ~

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegas Baby !

Yay finally after living in California for almost 4 months we made it out to Las Vegas !
It was my Joel's first time :] It was exciting to share that with him , we share alot of firsts LOL !
Im really disappointed in myself and my lack of blogging / videos.
Im trying so hard to keep up out here but my life is so different then it was in Maui .
Anyways , Vegas was interesting . So glad we opted out of moving there and moved to California .
Vegas is fun to party and gamble , but I don't think I could ever live there .
Too much smoking and rude tourists (worse then Hawaii)

Here are some picture memories from Vegas !

We stayed at the Bellagio and had a beautiful view !!! ((first pic))
When I usually come to Vegas I stay with my cousin ! Which is always wonderful but the hotel was very nice !! We bought one of those kitchy HUGE blended drinks LOL and walked around some of the other hotels. Drank and gambled LOL and did not win anything ! But maybe next time :]

I want to make videos soon so if you have any requests let me know :]
Happy October ! Xo Gabriella

Thursday, September 29, 2011


This week has been such a whirlwind!!
My new job keeps me very busy (hence the lack of posts).
But I love it !
BUT I miss making my videos and blogging not gonna lie !
On a lighter note ! My skin is getting better !!
Finally broke down and went to the dermatologist , where he presribed me a face wash and nightly cream!
On top of that I have been moisturizing twice a day AND doing masks once-twice a  week!!
Ahhhhh its so much work keeping up your skin ! LOL but its worth it !
Need good looking skin to wear good looking makeup :]

Missing my Maui , and my friends :[
Cali is fun , making new friends and reconnecting with old but I still mis my Maui Loves :

Love you guys !!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prevention is Key ?!

So this year I turned 22  ... I know SCARY lol Alot has been changing in my life .
New home , new job , newly engaged !
HAHA alot !
I never really have even thought about the fact that ... well hey im not getting any younger !
So I have added a few new things to my skincare regime for wrinkle prevention...
LOL something that I would never have personally thought of till I started working at Sephora !!

I already had a problem with dark circles (runs in my family)
So a coworker recommended this AMAZING eye cream that both prevents wrinkles AND brightens under eye circles !!! YAY ! It is pretty expensive but hey ! Well worth it !!

I also have been using the Sephora Instant Depuffing roll on gel ! Helps reduce puffiness under the eyes...
Hence the name !!! haha Also works well with the eye cream as a pair .
And looks amazing under concealer !! Helps ALOT 

I really like this product its like a small eye massage in a tube haha !!
HA well thats all I have for now !
I know I may be over thinking the whole wrinkle thing lol
but hey better to catch it before its too late right???
Until my next post !


Friday, August 12, 2011

California Gurls ... Part 2 !

HI !!! LOL How are all of you good I hope !! Last weekend I was lucky enough to get free tickets to a Katy Perry Concert !! Shes not my #1 choice of music or anything .
But she is an amazing performer !! Not to mention totally smoking hott ! LOL

Ah she is so stunning !! in real life just as much as photos!
So of course to attend such a concert we naturally needed to have Katy Perry Inspired makeup :]

My little sisters makeup was inspired by Katy Perrys look in California Girls ! Also
inspired by the video tutorial I did !!! YAY haha you can see that tutorial here :


Of course I had to partake in all the glittery fun ! haha so on myself I did
a glittered liner look :]

I love glitter liner for even day looks ! It is so fun and spunky !
Should I do a video showing how to do a simple glitter liner ??
let me know !!

On that note if you have a chance to see Katy Perry in concert and enjoy her music DO IT !
It was such a fun sister night :]

ha okay until my next post ! (which hopefully doesn't take another month)

Adios !

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Video Introduction to Joel and I moving to California !

So this has nothing to do with makeup or anything but its a vlog of what I have been up to instead of doing makeup videos ! Plz feel free to leave me requests I miss them :]

Monday, May 30, 2011

I wish ..

That Blogger had a Moblie App for Iphone . So I can blog more !
Who has time to sit at a computer anymore? I know right now I dont !
I have been blogging mobily via Tumblr app ...
I know I know what a traitor LOL !
Here is my Blog if you want to check it out !

its not as extravagant as my blogger but like I said im mobile with it so I have been posting ALOT more on that blog.. LOL sorry :[ I hope you check it out !

Also random but I have been yelping ALOT too ...
Just about food places mostly !! But if your interested in that too check that out here :

what a boring post all links... Love you guys !!!

xo from cali G

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Learn to Love the Ride...

How many posts have I started with "sorry I haven't blogged lately" ooor " Been Busy !" LOL  I know I am lame ! Sitting in my room now after making my skin squeaky clean lol ! Watching Unite Stated of Tara... and wow this show is actually pretty funny/interesting/weird everything you want in a 30 min sitcom lol :]

LOL on another note I think I may have FINALLY found some stuff that works for my skin ! Been recently breaking out lately and its driving me nutso ! Here's what I have been using :] That seems to be working ? LOL I shoulda taken some pictures and better notes but whats better then the trained human eye ?

Loving this makeup remover ! Even better then my Origins remover ! This makeup remover takes off EVERYTHING shadow , mascara , foundation , lip stuff !! YAY all in one :]

Usually cleansers for oily skin leave my skin feeling very dry! But this one just makes my skin feel... clean and makeup and dirt free !!! Its a gel consistency so its not super messy ! which is nice :]

This is the toner I have been using! Not going to lie it smells very strong ! Thought it wasn't going to work for me at first ! But its nice takes off any little dirt and makeup left overs that the cleanser didnt get !

This is the "exfoliant" I have been using! Its very finely milled so its not too harsh on the skin where it would tear open any pimples or skin for that matter. You can also even mix it with your cleanser then you get a cleanser thats also exfoliating ! YAY ... This stuff is on the more pricey end but ah I think is worth it! You get ALOT of product in the bottle !

haha and this is the moisturizer I have been using ! Its a Gel so its more oily skin friendly! Makes my skin feel SO SOFT ugh i love it !

It does what it says , gives relief to popped pimples... I know disgusting but , we all do it ? lol it works though ! Dries it out and in the morning your popped pimple is nothing but a memory !

I think my makeup also might have been adding onto the many things causing my acne! So I wanted to try something more affordable on the foundation end of acne fighting makeup ! So far I freaking LOVE IT ! The color selection isnt that great ... I am the darkest color... Which is funny cuz im not even that dark ! LOL but anyways the finish is nice and natural but it has great coverage ! I also notice that mid -day my skin is less oily then usual ! Still a tad in the T-zone area but not 1/2 as bad as it used to be !! AH loving it so much haha

And lastly hahahaha ! This mineral powder foundation by BareMinerals ! in the newer Matte collection ! If I am not mistaken it also has oil fighting ish in it ! LOL so sometimes I set my liquid foundation with it ... But more for the SPF factor ! Wanting to get some protection from the sun !! Dont want old wrinkly skin :[

Alright Im gonna cut this already so its not super long ! But still super busy with the move... Leaving the island in 14 days. WOW lol weird typing that out ... But ne ways.. thanks for reading !

XO Gab

Monday, April 11, 2011

Boredom Strikes !

So in preparation for our move to California , we have officially sold our car :[
I dont even think I have mentioned here on my blog that I am moving... Well now you know!
LOL we leave May 12th , its so surreal how fast this is all coming..
In celebration of selling our car we took some pictures... Prepare yourself.. LOL

Ah I am really going to miss this car ! But now its just a memory of my time here on Maui.

Anyways SINCE we dont have a car that I can drive now I am stuck at home lol every night alone !
and it sucks. Instead of doing productive things , I do my makeup to look like a chola...

DO I see a resemblance to a certain celebrity?.....

LOL my playing around chola makeup ended up looking like Selena's Makeup... haha

oh goodness i hope i dont waste many of my last nights on maui .