Monday, April 11, 2011

Boredom Strikes !

So in preparation for our move to California , we have officially sold our car :[
I dont even think I have mentioned here on my blog that I am moving... Well now you know!
LOL we leave May 12th , its so surreal how fast this is all coming..
In celebration of selling our car we took some pictures... Prepare yourself.. LOL

Ah I am really going to miss this car ! But now its just a memory of my time here on Maui.

Anyways SINCE we dont have a car that I can drive now I am stuck at home lol every night alone !
and it sucks. Instead of doing productive things , I do my makeup to look like a chola...

DO I see a resemblance to a certain celebrity?.....

LOL my playing around chola makeup ended up looking like Selena's Makeup... haha

oh goodness i hope i dont waste many of my last nights on maui .


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