Monday, May 31, 2010

Weaves ..haha

So I got an AMAZING set up clip in extensions for my bday !! Thanks Auntie !! I love that they are 100% human hair so I can dye them and all that jazz !!! oh JOY Here are a few shots of me and my weave LOL :]

LOL OMG I'm kind of obsessed with it ha ha ! I'm going to cut some layers into and dye it black to match my hair a little better but how fun right ?!!??!!??!?!!?!? Oh happy Gabriella LOL on a different note I did Erin's makeup today for the Na Hoku Awards ceremony...unfortunately they did not win but it doesn't matter because they are awesome no matter what...Best rock stars in Hawaii IMO !! Here are a few shots of my lovely rock star friend !!

Hair is done by the WONDERFUL and TALENTED April from Soleil Luna omg isn't she amazing ?! makeup done by yours truly. We only did eyes this time because the actual awards ceremony wasn't till much later in the day :]

Happy Sunday Bloggy world :] I'm over half way to 50 followers ! And if you remember I said I would do a giveaway when I reached it !! Recommend some people to my blog friends so we can get the giveaway rolling !! :] haahaa i would loves it :]

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Obession is Growing !

Ah my eyes are so sleeeeeepy :[ Been kinda sad leading up to my bday tmrw ! I always get like this around this time. I start to really miss my family in cali and yeah :/ So we will see how everything goes tmrw ! Joel just made some of the goodies for tmrw's party ! My Favie Pasta Salad ! Purple Velvet Cake with Cream cheese frosting !!! yum-o Pics to come :D

Until then , enjoy more vintage stuff I am drooling over O_o ! LOL THANKS Marcella for recommending the site ! Im thinking about using some bday money to possibly purchase a dress...possibly ! Check out my cali friend Marcellas blog here and embark on her journey to finish her fun amazing list :] CLICK HERE...

Enjoy my dress selections LOL

OH and btw I have red hair again :D heeeee heeeee

Not the best picture but hey im getting ready for bed lol !! Have a good night everyone Im officially 21 in 8 minutes happy happy joy joy

Monday, May 24, 2010

Vintage Obsessed

Ugh I am so born in the wrong era O_o I love everything old and vintage ! Well I guess saying EVERYTHING is a little dramatic but I do tend to like alot of vintage inspired stuff !! I am totally drooling over vintage inspired bathing suits !!! Like these :

Ugh , so cute right ?! Well I think so anyway LOL ! Can u tell im digging the polka dots ?! So cute !!! I think if I keep up my workout routine for another month I will treat myself to one of these lovelies ! BTW I have been keeping up with working out !! My body feels so great !! Ah happy happy !!! So my birthday is tomorrow :D So excited !! I hope everything goes smoothly ! Im so excited to turn 21! Not because I am a LUSH or anything but nearly because I like the social aspect that turning 21 hands you !

Ah happy life !!

Fashionistas Market

So it's been a while since my last post because I have been crazy busy with makeup and work and planning stuff for my b-day !! YAY lol :] So last Saturday we had this awesome event ! And I was given the opportunity to do some makeup for a FASHION SHOW !! neat huh ?! I got to do 5 models !!! Here are some pics :]

This awesome model is a pro-roxy surfer ! how cool huh ?? her hair was done by a girl at the salon named April ! she is AMAZING :D

Hair done by April Makeup done by MEEEE :]

Ah this was such a fun event :] these are some of the goodies I bought hee heeee :]

This amazing locally made headband ! So funky and Indian-ish !!! LOVES IT !

This wrap around bracelet was also made by the same designer ! I wish I remembered her name :[

This ring was not bought at the fashionistas market ! HOWEVER it was bought about 2 years ago in Oahu for me by my godfather :] He bought it for me so I would always remember my native American heritage ! I for some odd reason have not worn it till now !! I love the turquoise in it and the pearl ! Its so pretty and I love that it wraps around my finger :] I have decided I am going to make it one of those pieces im going to pass on to my future children so they can pass it on to theirs :] you know like an heirloom peice :] LOL i know thats thinking way into the future but it special :]

Have a wonderful Sunday Friends <3 Gab

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exercise :]

So I can proudly say I have been keeping up with my routine..Well I dont know if you can call it a routine but HEY I am working out LOL !! I started Sunday with a 10 Min Trainer Cardio and I did push -ups and Sit-ups to add some extra ass kicking LOL MONDAY I did 10 MIN trainer Abs...Tuesday I did a 30 Min walk/jog/run ! Wed and Thurs were rest days and today I did an HOUR of different circut training exercises and Running !! This was the program I used Today...LOL DONT LAUGH !!!

I know what some of you may be thinking...Video games do not make good work outs ...But I am here to tell you otherwise ! I can honestly say I SWEAT MY BUTT OFF lol I mean its all in how much effort you put into it !! Wii Fit is pansy stuff but its interesting how in detail it goes about the importance of keeping your body balance ! NOW Active Sports Personal Trainer is a TRUE workout!! SERIOUSLY I was working HARD lol try it out guys its fun and it seems to work we will see !!! :]

Yesterday night was date night in our small lovers house-hold LOL Joel took me to eat my favie yummy Thai Food and we also went too watch Iron Man 2 !! ~_~ Who doesnt love Robert Downey Jr RIGHT ?!??!

Ah , I love this man he is OH-SO-TALENTED :] I wore this ensemble too the movie date night !

Jeans Warehouse Black Cardigan/White Tank Top , BP black Tank Top , F21 Necklace, H&M pink Ruffle Dress worn under Tanks for a skirt effect :D!! And my Volcom strappy sandals !!!

Yay !! So guys please let me know what you want my next Tutorial to be :] I would love some input I have such a CRAZY day tmrw !! Doing makeup for some models for a Fashionistas Market Event at the Hyatt till 10:30 Then at the salon till 4 While I am at the salon I will be turning ERIN SMITH into an 80's Rocking queen , then @4 Back to Fashionistas Market Till 730 then off to the battle of the bands...can you say LOCO ??????? 0_o Just thinking about it makes me nervous!!

Wish me Luck friends :D

XX gab

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Natural Nuetral

Thanks to my boyfriends computer wiz friend Ernell I now know how to upload my videos in only 30 min in good quality!! I am a happy girl :D Let me know what you guys think and please support my Youtube channel by subscribing :]

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

bruce lee vs. chuck norris

OMG LOL had to post this <3 love bruce lee he looks alot like photos i have seen of my bio grandfather i never got to meet LOL

ps i have been keeping up on my workouts! Yesterday I ran/walked/jogged for 30 min today was my rest day back to working out manana !!!

Beach Waves ?

So its coming close to being summer...although in Maui its pretty much summer year round haha :] A cute hair trend for summer time is the oh so simple beachy waves :] Im working on a video to show you how to do this trend fast and easy !!! But until then here is a pic of ME and how I have been wearing my beachy waves hee heeeee

I think this look is so stunning on long hair but hey work with what you have right ? And right now I am rocking a short whats new ? hahaha I so kinda want a weave...NO JOKE... I miss my long hair ! I would insert a picture here, but i dont really have one of my SUPER long hair ! Oh well!!

On a different note I bet your wondering [possibly] where is my new makeup tutorial that I last blogged about posting?!?!....WELL I have attempted to upload it a few times but it takes so long the comp falls asleep and then the upload fails. Im growing tired of this thing ! Does anyone have any tips ? Im open to suggestions :/ Until then Enjoy some cake porn LOL

I REALLY REALLY want to make a cake like this for my up and coming 21st birthday!! Its a Blue Velvet cake :] how yummy does that sound ?!?!? I'm thinking about practicing before the actual date so i'm not stuck with a yucky cake LOL !!!

My friends and boyfriend keep asking me what do I want to drink on my 21st !! and I have narrowed it down to two different drinks I would like to try hahahaha THE FIRST ONE IS ::

Gummy Bear Shots/Drink

And Im also SEMI interested to Try something called a Chocolate Cake Shot ? or something like that LOL

haha I am not like an alcoholic or anything ! I have HONESTLY never been drunk in my life ! And I dont intend on it happening on my 21st But I am excited to try out some new tasty drinks! Do you guys have any favorites you may suggest ???

Love and Rockets !!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

12 Hours till Touchdown

Or more like 12 hours till upload...Ugh I dont know why my videos take so LONG to upload ! But if its for the sake of better quality I will wait haha ! Patience is virtue after all right ? hee hee :]

So I have been feeling kinda down latley :/ I cant disclose all the details , but BLAH. ha I have been happy to see my Following numbers going up :] When and If I ever get to 50 followers I would like to do some sort of a small giveaway :] So let everyone know about my blog ! So we can get that rolling ! I will also do the same for my Youtube Account ! I will make a badge tonight so you guys can be connected and hopefully subscribe :D

On a compleatly different note, I have started to work out . I mean I always do fitness activity [to a certain extent] but im going to push myself to try and get into a serious routine !! Today was the kickoff ! And I figure if I blog about it maybe I will push myself even more so I dont seem like a loser to ya'll LOL !!! Today I did some stuff on my balance ball :

I seriously love this thing LOL there are TONS of different work outs you can do , I even use it at my desk :] I also did this workout called the 10 minute trainer ! Its made by the same company as P90x...My bf wants to do P90x and we have the disc's but I am so not ready for that lol...So yeah that was my mini update on that !!

Ta- Ta for now

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spring Smokey Eye

So If I lived somewhere metropolitan and say I was going out on the town for the night I would totally do this pretty Spring Smokey eye :] And if your going out and wanna look smookin' LOL then try out my look and let me know how it goes :D Also let me know if you have any questions !!!! <3 Gab

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Im back using my just because I missed it so :] Don't get me wrong the Macbook is uber handy but theres nothing more comfy then sitting down at my desk and using my trusty ol' PC :D

So, I have been totally busy latley !! But in a fun good way :D Last weekend I was able to go to Oahu to do makeup for Erin Smitth of The Throwdowns ! This was so much fun ! and BUSY lol the day I flew in they had show that was supposed to be broad casted online...but due to technical difficulties and other stuff this did not happen :[ HOWEVER it did not stifle the fact that The Throwdowns still put on an AMAZING SHOW !!!! The following day was the bands CD re-release party !!! IT was so SPECTACULAR !!! I never rocked out so hard lol !!! I especially loved their rendition of Umbrella by Rhianna !! So gooooood :D I did Erins hair and Makeup for this Show which is the first time I did hair and makeup for the same event... THE STRESS WAS ON but she came out totally looking like a rockstar :]

Picture Credit to the Wonderful Carrie Hasson ! So much fun meeting you ! Check out her Website HERE amazing photographer !!!

I also wanted to give a quick shout out to The Jumpoffs ! A band I met while I was in Oahu !! Im totally loving the CD they gave me !!! If you live on Maui and are interested on giving them a listen contact me for a CD !! OR check out their Website HERE Support LOCAL music !!!! :D

I love this picture of them !!! LOL super cool band ! Anywho I haven't done an outfit of the day post in a while so here is that ....

What am I wearing ? Well here let me tell you ;] Forever 21 Long Shirt Thing LOL , F21 Necklace , Von Zipper Shades, Jeans Wherehouse Leggings , Naughty Monkey Boots, and my BP bag :D Whatcha Think ??? Yay or Nay ?

On a totally different note , Joel and I have been trying to cook at home more ! Not only is it healthier but cheaper ! :D which is nice LOL'z Night before last I was craving for something SPICY so why not make some Sichuan style green beans ?!!? They came out Lovely....

Oh so good :D I bid you all good day !! Im stuck at home today due to a brush fire >_< class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">maui have one road to go pretty much anywhere due to the fire it is closed :[ it may be open by now but whatevs LOL so why dont you check out this video and marvel in the musical genius better known as The Throwdowns :]

ps go ahead and gawk at her hair as well :] because I did it lol and her makeup !!!

ps listening to Music Box by The Jumpoffs <3