Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To wash or not to wash VOL 2

Second most brush related Sephora client question :

#2 " Why should I wash my brushes?"

I think to every makeup artist out there asking this question is like asking should I wash my clothes daily ?
Gross , I know .

All your makeup does not magically vanish from your brushes . It sits there taunting you while grabbing dirt and bacteria friends from your face and the open air .

Me personally I have dealt with some acne issues moving back to DIRTY Los Angeles .A combination of old makeup , skin bacteria and dirty LA air does not do wonders for your skin. Trust me .

I get a lot of clients that complain about acne and id say about 80% of them DO NOT clean their brushes !
Whether you have problem skin or not it is necessary to up-keep your skin and brush life by simply cleaning your brushes !

If you have a busy schedule here's a tip , if your pocketbook permits buy two of each brush and switch off between dirty and clean brushes !

Otherwise simply put clean those brushes !!! :]

Till my next Brush segment adiossss

***Next Posts Questions***

#3 "Why should I buy brush cleanser?"
#4 "Cant I use hand soap or shampoo to clean my brushes ?"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

To wash or not to wash ? VOL 1

Working at Sephora , I tend to always get asked the same questions.
#1 " Why do my brushes shed ?"
#2 " Why should I wash my brushes?"
#3 "Why should I buy brush cleanser?"
#4 "Cant I use hand soap or shampoo to clean my brushes ?"
#5 "Why are brushes so expensive?"
Where to begin , ha-ha !!
There's nothing more beautiful and soft then a new pair of makeup brushes !
So soft , so clean , so beautiful and easy to use !
And not to mention EXPENSIVE . Makeup Brushes are an investment ! When properly cared for should last you a pretty long time :] Especially since good quality brushes can range anywhere from $9-40+
*To Answer the first question : "Why do my brushes shed ?"*
There are a few reasons why you brushes can start to shed . 
Using them too vigorously whether while applying makeup or cleaning them can cause them to loose hair or shed. In-proper storage when wet can also cause the brushes to shed especially if you are storing them brush hair up. Reason being the water seeps down into the Farrell and eats away at the glue holding the hairs in place :[ . 
How to fix this you may ask ? Be gentle with your lovely gems ! and dry them facing downward so the moisture can drip onto a paper-towel !

Hope that was fun and informative and not a snooze fest !!

The month of July I am making into brush month :]
Almost as cool as shark week so contain your excitement !!

This month I will answer my above top asked Sephora client brush related questions !!

Comment if you have another question to add :]

Happy No Brush Hair Shedding ! xo Gabriella