Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To wash or not to wash VOL 2

Second most brush related Sephora client question :

#2 " Why should I wash my brushes?"

I think to every makeup artist out there asking this question is like asking should I wash my clothes daily ?
Gross , I know .

All your makeup does not magically vanish from your brushes . It sits there taunting you while grabbing dirt and bacteria friends from your face and the open air .

Me personally I have dealt with some acne issues moving back to DIRTY Los Angeles .A combination of old makeup , skin bacteria and dirty LA air does not do wonders for your skin. Trust me .

I get a lot of clients that complain about acne and id say about 80% of them DO NOT clean their brushes !
Whether you have problem skin or not it is necessary to up-keep your skin and brush life by simply cleaning your brushes !

If you have a busy schedule here's a tip , if your pocketbook permits buy two of each brush and switch off between dirty and clean brushes !

Otherwise simply put clean those brushes !!! :]

Till my next Brush segment adiossss

***Next Posts Questions***

#3 "Why should I buy brush cleanser?"
#4 "Cant I use hand soap or shampoo to clean my brushes ?"

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