Sunday, February 20, 2011

Oh Saturdays

How I LOATHE you !!!!! 
I hate that I have to wake up before the sun rises .
And that I dont come home till 11pm .
What a day , I had to deal with some stuff that is new to me to say the least...

I leave you with a swatches of Katy Perry's New Polish Collection Its Dreamy :]

Teenage Dream 

The One That Got Away
Last Friday Night 

Not Like the Movies 
The collection also came out with a new product called "Shatter" Its a cool top coat - ish polish that you polish over dried colored polish , let it shatter then apply a top coat !! ITS SUPER cool and punky hahaha Here is a swatch of that over all the Polishes !

I love these Polishes ! And guess who has them in stock.... SOLEIL LUNA the salon I work at !! And I know they are in high demand and hard to come by !! So come check us out or get a mani or pedi with me and Ill do your nails up cool :p

G'Night !! XO Gabriella

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saving Money

Saving money is never very easy ! Especially for me ... I love to shop , for makeup clothes even household items haha ! But since Joel and I are getting ready to move ... Oh yeah we are moving to California haha ! Saving money has been the #1 topic on our minds !
I can honestly say I haven't really been shopping for months . I mean I did a little shopping in Oahu but only since it was mine and Joel's 3 year ann gift to each other ! and we only spent $60 each !! haha :]

ANYWAYS one way I have been saving money $$ is at the market ! Usually Joel and I buy a lot of drinks  our favorite is :

But lately I have been making my own !!! Not only is it delish but its also cost effective !! And Im finally usually all the teabags I have in the pantry haha !! I dont only make iced green tea I also make this really yummy Mango Black tea and Iced Chamomile haha Heres how !!

Step One :

Boil Water

Step Two :

Pour the hot water into a pitcher and let the tea bags steep into the water. I also at this point like to add a few tablespoons of sugar while its hot because it melts and mixes better !! I like my tea more on the black side so you just have to make the sugar measurements are to your liking !

Step Three :

Place the Warm tea in the fridge to cool , if you want to drink it right away you can add ice cubes to your glass !! then ENJOY !!

(ps all the pictures were grabbed from the web not taken by me I HAVE NO CAMERA right now :[ )

Haha I realize blogging about tea making is kinda off topic of my "beauty" blog but with us moving I am going to probably start blogging about odds and ends of moving ! Hope this doesnt bore you LOL !!

Perfume !

As weird as this sounds but I feel like an actual adult now that I like perfume .... HAHA
Growing up I always used to admire my mother spritzing herself with her glamorous smelling perfumes !
I would always sneak a few sprays when she wasn't looking :D
Her scent always reminded me of love and cupcakes hahaa !!
If I can recall I think this was her perfume :

Beautiful by Este Lauder ... Beautiful like my mother ! :]
But any who over the last year I have accumulated a few of my own "grownup" scents !
Here are my top 5 !! 

#1  Also an Este Lauder Scent just Like mama but one that is my own :

Este Lauder's Beyond Paradise ! My Joel bought me this perfume for Christmas and its the one I go to the most ! Its sweet smelling of flowers but not in an overpowering way . Joel says it smells like sampagitas which I have learned is a popular flower in the Philippines where he grew up ... I think this is my signature scent ! I truly love it :]

#2 My first perfume that I ever bought with my own money 

BVLGARI probably the only BVLGARI item I will ever be able to afford haha !! But to me the small is so lady like , soft with hints of soft sweet smelling scents haha ! I actually just realized making this post that I have run out ! Alas I am sad ! HAha

# 3 is a sexy scent from a sexy store ...

Victoria Secrets Sexy Little Things Noir ! Oh I know its only the small $10 bottle but this thing is POTENT !!!! A little goes a long long way ! This one well smells sweet and sexy haha ! hence the name ! When I have the funds I shall invest in a full sized bottle WITH the fancy little poof thing to spray myself like the inner movie star that I am haha :]

#4 is also sexy but in a more subtle way ...

Also from the same sexy store (Victoria's Secret haha ) Sexy Little Things Noir BODY MIST ! and yes it is different the the PERFUME ! Body Mist only last 3-4 hours where as perfumes last 6-8 ! So when im feeling more casual and less sexy haha i use this for a quick spritz ! 

#5 Last but not least , Its just last cuz its the newest haha 

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture , not only is the packaging ADORABLE but it smells so femine and perfume ha ha ! I also love the J charm on the bottle reminds me of my Joel <3 

Thats all I have for tonight xo Gabriella

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day !!

First off! Happy Valentines Day Everyone ! 
Hope your day is filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS !
And of course Sparkly Flowers and Chocolate ... LOL 

yummm lol

Now I realize some people may not be into this "holiday" But whatever Im not going to deny its a wonderous day for lovers to celebrate LOVE haha ! I mean my boyfriend and I probably wont be doing much because we both have to work but that doesnt mean you can celebrate later right ???

More to come on that... I realize I probably should have made some sort of makeup tutorial for the loving day but between work and sickness I had NO TIME :[
Things have been so hectic for me !! But Im hoping to have more time soon ... I miss making videos :/
On another note I did some Valentines Day Inspired Nail Art on myself haha :D

Please excuse the fancy hair do and clothes HAHA like I said... I have been sick... AND please excuse camera quality... I only have the camera on my Macbook ... >_< Woe is me !