Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zombie Makeup

So I did zombie makeup the other day , and well it was pretty amazing and cool LOL
I first practiced the night before on my one and only .... JOEL

I was pretty happy with his look for the most part .... EXCEPT I hate that his scar didn't really blend into his skin tone , but I didn't have foundation dark enough LOL !!! Might have to invest in a shade for him hehe. So all that practice led up to my Zombie look for work .... And it came out pretty cool ...

Needless to say I got some weird stares that day haha !! But it was a fun easy look to do! I really want to do a video for this look , I tried to today actually BUT I just dont have the proper editing software or lighting . But im going to re-attempt the look Friday morning perhaps .

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween Looks !

Been doing some fun halloween looks :]

My fun take on a "Fairy" Look !

My Vampire look LOL my personal fave!

Cleopatra Makeup !! This was fun to do !!!

Stay tuned for todays look :]

Friday, October 14, 2011


I post everyday on my Tumblr lol sometimes more then once a day ! Its so mobile and easy !
I love my blogger dont get me wrong !! Blogger till the end but cant beat the mobility of Tumblr !

On my Tumblr I post MOTD ( makeup of the day )
And whatever else I feel like posting HA-HA

Here was my MOTD for today !

I wore my semi usual purple smokey eye , thinking about making a video on it .
Its kinda been my go-to look latley :]

Go into the halloween spirit today and did some cool halloween nail art :]

Gave myself mummy nails :] gotta be honest cant stop staring at them haha!!!!
Till next time !

~ Gabriella ~

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vegas Baby !

Yay finally after living in California for almost 4 months we made it out to Las Vegas !
It was my Joel's first time :] It was exciting to share that with him , we share alot of firsts LOL !
Im really disappointed in myself and my lack of blogging / videos.
Im trying so hard to keep up out here but my life is so different then it was in Maui .
Anyways , Vegas was interesting . So glad we opted out of moving there and moved to California .
Vegas is fun to party and gamble , but I don't think I could ever live there .
Too much smoking and rude tourists (worse then Hawaii)

Here are some picture memories from Vegas !

We stayed at the Bellagio and had a beautiful view !!! ((first pic))
When I usually come to Vegas I stay with my cousin ! Which is always wonderful but the hotel was very nice !! We bought one of those kitchy HUGE blended drinks LOL and walked around some of the other hotels. Drank and gambled LOL and did not win anything ! But maybe next time :]

I want to make videos soon so if you have any requests let me know :]
Happy October ! Xo Gabriella