Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving - Black Friday !

This Thanksgiving weekend was full of firsts !!!!
Joels official first thanksgiving dinner with me and JUST IN GENERAL !
Can you believe that he has never had thanksgiving dinner ??? haha I love that guy !
It was my first Thanksgiving back in almost 5 years !! yowza ! It was nice to be with the family again !

Another Thanksgiving first ... BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING !
Joel and I went shopping with my brother and his gf , we hit up Target , Toys R Us and Best Buy .
It was pretty crazy BUT not as crazy as I had expected !
Joel and I got most of our Christmas Shopping done !!! and saved almost $100 !!
Feels great considering we are on a tight budget with the move !

Our loot !! Joel wants to start wrapping already haha it's not even December !!!
I cant wait till we get our Christmas Decorations up and a Tree !!

Happy Thanksgiving !!! On to Christmas !

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wedding Dress

So I have yet to plan anything for my Wedding . We aren't having a ceremony for a few years , but I figure maybe I should start looking at some stuff ... Right ??
I dont wanna give away too much of my ideas , haha cuz im sneaky like that ;)
But Im really loving parts of these dresses , WISH WISH I could afford to get a dress custom made.
Because quite frankly my vision is pretty unique (well i think so at least haha)

What I love about this dress :
I love the lace , I think its so classic looking ! Everyone hates short wedding dress' for me but I just adore this short dress !! I wouldnt wear it for the Ceremony , but maybe for the reception ? Just an idea ha

What I Love about this dress:
The deep back V ! It's sexy without being OVERLY sexy ! I really hate showing cleavage personally , so I know for sure I dnt want anything to front revealing . So I think a deep back V is a good compromise . To be honest the front of this dress is just plain gross :[ no offense to the designer !! But the back is beautiful :]

Hmm Dresses