Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Shoes and The Ring

Aren't these shoes beautiful ? I think so :] and none of them are over 30$ :D I Love forever 21 :]

Oh Im so late on this ring trend but im totally drooling over these affordable cuties online at :] Check em out and let me know what you think !!!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Bloggy Friend Sharon's Giveaway and New Video...kinda :]

Hi blog world :] currently I am sitting on my bed in a room full of 5 filipino dudes watching a MMA fight lol :/ Usually I have a partner in crime with me but not today lol :/ Oh well thank goodness for books and internet :D hee hee

So a few weeks ago I uploaded a new youtube makeup tutorial , its a pretty simple purple spring look :] nothing too hard ! I have yet to make a more difficult makeup tutorial but I eventually will :]This look is also using all drugstore products :] yay for cheap and affordable makeup that actually works well:] LOL So here is my video :

So my ULTRA cute bloggy friend Sharon is doing a giveaway !!! yay! Im so excited for her !!! I know someday I would like to do one but I want to hit at least 50 followers first :] Go big or go home ...or something like that :] Here is what she is giving away :

HOW CUTE RIGHT ????? I know im entering :] and you guys should too !!! Check out Sharons Blog Here and let her know I asked you to stop by :]

xoxo Gab

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Bee

So I have been pretty busy this week with training and work :] and surfing LOL and socializing !!! LOL so its been a fun busy week ! Which is so awesome I have been totally a hermit crab lately ! But this week I have been out and about ! Still trying to decide if I should go to Oahu or not to do Erins Makeup for The Throwdowns first Head-lining show !! Ah so hard to decide the money is what is the issue :[ Damn you finances !!!!!

ah, so anyways I will leave you with some new shots I did for my portfolio ! I took the pictures edited and also did the hair and makeup :] yay!! I did this with my friend Ashley ! Check out her blog HERE :]

have a great weekend !! And if you live on Maui come to the salon tomorrow !! We are having a free braid and beach curl class !! from 5-7 !!! Free drinks and pu-pus !!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Early Birthday Dream Wishes.

So my birthday is coming up...My 21st birthday !!! ha-ha It's a big one ! And its still about a month away but I am oh so excited :D I cant decide how I want to spend it ...I mean ideally I would go to Las Vegas[cliche'] and gamble, party and drink the night away...But I don't think that is going to happen :/ So then I thought maybe Oahu ? , but that isn't as intriguing ...Oh well I guess I will have to settle for a beach BBQ...yay lol.. Ne who I thought I would do a dream wish list :] hahaha hopefully my Joel will take a gander hehe :]

Oh how beautiful this Urban Decay Palate is :] It is limited edition so I worry about its availability :/ But this is a dream list right ? LOL :]

I really would love to try these bad boys out. But where would I wear them living on a island ?...And I dont want to die. But I never have owned a "grown up" pair of pumps, and I kinda really want these to be my first :D

Omg this camera is so sexy LOL , I recently used my friend Ash's SLR Nikon Camera and although it takes alot more skill to use the to just "Point and Shoot" I am in love. The pictures are so fuggin' beautiful ! And I love that I dont have to sit and edit for HOURS >_<

This is the Bobbi Brown Concealer and Foundation pallate...PLEASE ? lol omg its $250 but it would be oh so perfect for when I do makeup on clients. I dont have anything like this in my kit...oh birthday fairy lol

oh, I love you rings. So much...I think I want these rings so bad for obvious bad It would totally sum up my obsession with Twilight...and Im pretty sure I would wear them every friggin' day... LOL Im Just saying! Click HERE for the website :] I pretty much love almost everything they make lol so funky fresh :]

But what I really want is a Flower Tattoo on my arm...Ah but im so scared about jobs dis-liking my inkwork...I already have a sort of hard time with the one small tattoo...Oh ponder I am thinking a Poppy Flower because It is the California state flower which is where I was born and raised ! and I like this one because it has 4 bloomed flowers to represent my mother , brothers [2] and sister :] my family branch of flowers LOL what do you THINK!?!

Well thats all I can think of right now hahahahaha :] Thanks for reading !!!!

Gabba Gabba

Friday, April 16, 2010

first haul , yo

lip products galore :] enjoy and feel free to ask any questions :D

night blog friends !!!!!!

<3 gab

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simple Red Lips : Gabriella's Way

Hola friends ! So I made an easy red lips tutorial quite a while ago but since it was in a higher quality video format it took freaking forever to upload it to YouTube. I finally buckled down yesterday and uploaded it ! Im second thinking about this better quality stuff !! Let me know what you guys think! Is it worth the HOURS it takes to upload or were my other videos okay ??

Now I leave you with this picture... Its an old one maybe like a year-ish old...Should I grow my hair back long ? It seems my hair just keeps getting shorter and shorter and oh how I long for long hair hahah!! ~_~ Tell me your honest opinion !!!

Hugs !!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Throwdowns like The Throwdowns

So this last weekend I was given the opportunity to work backstage with this AMAZING band named The Throwdowns !! <--- Click their name to check out their band website! You will not regret it PROMISE :] I met the band a few months ago at a Barnes and Noble CD signing !! It pretty much started from there :] So Friday they opened up for Sammy Hagar !!! This was my first time doing makeup for a rock performance. I was a little nervous because i know they sweat alot :/ but it was a learning experience lol !! Here are some shots :] And Tara my friend and also fellow apprentice at Soleil Luna did the hair :]

Tara and I Watching The Throwdowns Soundcheck was pretty amazing haha :D

Ended the first night with an awesome group shot ! Love these guys ! So much fun to be around ! The next night they were opening with the band Iration for 311 !!! Funny enough I was more excited to see The Throwdowns perform again and Iration then311 :] haha but 311 was pretty good too :] Here are some shots from that AMAZING night :]

I really liked this makeup look better , I think by the second show around I had a better understanding at what works and what doesnt :] LOL And I love an exaggerated eye look with a simple pinky nude lip !! So Smokin' LOLz

So much fun , she looked so beautiful ! I felt so proud lol ! And her hair was totally amazing too props to Tara <3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 240px;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5460114060979040706" border="0">
hahaha I didnt want to deal with the crowds so i just hung out right in front of them...let me tell you great view but damn my ears were ringing till the next day lol but totally worth it :]

So here is one of my outfit of the days :

hahah again sorry for the lame-o pose hahahahahaha as you may have noticed [or not] this is my favorite slouchy cardi from BP , shirt dress - f21 tanks BP , leggings from jeans warehouse , boots from a store that i cannot recall :/ but they are cute LOL

So I have a few videos im attempting to upload to YouTube but since they are better quality [ supposedly ] it takes freaking forever and who has 8 hours of their day to sit around and make sure the laptop doesn't go to sleep ?! i dont LOL But i also bought some new products so stay tuned for that !!

<3 Gab

Sunday, April 11, 2010


What an amazing week ! lol As you can tell by my lack of blogging I have been busier then usual ! Which is strange coming from the girl who works two days a week lol...[that needs to change btw] NE WHO the week started off with this casual outfit of the day :D

HA i have no idea what is up with my pose..BUT ANYWAYS : cardi slouch from BP , Striped tank from Forever 21 , Shorts from...a place that i cannot recall. my trusty von-zips , havanna slippahs :D

Here are some pictures of a color I did this week as well that turned out great !!!



Yay ! Success on Alicia's hair ! She is one of the cute new stylist at the salon I work at :] Thanks Alicia for being brave enough to let me practice on your hair lol :D

I have alot more to blog about [ like makeup i have been doing for the throwdowns backstage] but I think I will save that for a different blog because i dont want you guys to have to read an essay lol so for now I will leave you with this :]

Have a Happy Sunday

huggles :] gab

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eye Tattoo Product Review : Video

HI HI so I did a video , more like a product review/makeup tutorial. Hope you like !! Crazy day other wise for me ... Ill blog about that later...Until then enjoy my video and let me know what you think :]

PS comment and Subscribe :D ha ha , ps does ne one have ne recommendations so I can make better quality videos ? Please help :[

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stripes and Stuff

Happy Monday !!! As I unwind from a busy day , while Bob Dylan plays, I write in my blog...LOL Ne who I will start off this blog with the "OUTFIT OF THE DAY" woo hoo right ? hee hee

What I am wearing : H&M knit pencil skirt , Forever 21 Striped tank, Nordstrom Black Cardigan :] [fav] and Volcom Strappy sandals !!! I am seriously in love with this coral-ish pink color for spring ! Oh my so pretty :]

And on to the next part of my post , somewhat of a product-ish haul !!! Somethings that I will be trying out and letting you know how they work !! All the things that will be pictured I have bought myself and mostly from Walgreens, the salon I work at and Walmart :]

First Item is a Pearl Essential Masksheet this is from the brand THE FACE SHOP , I bought it at Walgreens, I havent seen it carried anywhere else. And it costs about $3.58. Great deal right ?I tried a different mask before a Lemon one so I thought I would try this one :D

Next item is another facial masque ...HOWEVER this one is super cool because you can peel it off ! I havent tried it yet but when I do you will know promise LOL This masque is a cucumber cooling masque that clarifies and renews skin :] This one was about $3.00 as well but its a large tube of it so it's a better deal.

Next is an Eminence Organic Skin Care Product , its all natural !! It is Lime refresh Tonique ! yay for balancing your PH in your skin :D So far I have been using this for a few days , and so far I love it lol ...This product is a little more pricey its $40.00 I know what your thinking...YIKES but this brand is worth it :]

BIO-OIL is next !! This stuff from what I have read is amazing ! It reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone ,helps aging skin and dehydrated skin. Sounds great right ? LOL i would say the only downfall to this product is that you have to use it twice a day and liberally massage it into your skin, this product says you have to use it for a minimum of three months before you see serious results...So I will let you know how it works haha !! This product normally is $15 dor the 2 oz bottle but I got it on sale at walgreens for $10!!

Next one is another Oil but this one is for your HAIR :] This is the wondrous Moroccanoil !! I have been using this in my hair and at the salon for quite a while now and let me say I AM A HUGE FAN ! This product is a leave in treatment for long term conditioning and instant SHINE ! And it isnt heavy on your hair at all ! TRUST ME :] this stuff is amazing use before and after styling. This small bottle .85 fl. oz was $20.00 I belive the more than double sized bottle is $45 :]

These next two products are makeup products from the Hard Candy Line. Now this line is new to me , but I have heard pretty good things about it ! It must have been new to our Maui Walmart because I have NEVER seen this brand here ! HEE HEE i was so excited to see all these neat products but I resisted and only got two things :] The first is a concealer pallate ! this was $8.37 as far as a review gotta wait for the next few posts for that so I can try it out :]

Im excited to try out the purple and green correction colors :]

okay this is what I was most excited about LOL !! PRESS ON EYESHADOW ! I know its not the most precise way to put on eyeshadow but hey I just wanted to try it out for myself ! I bought the Smokey eye set !....Video to follow :]

Hugs friends let me know if you have any questions on these products!!

Love love , Gabriella

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunny-day

So the day started off with me sleeping in , lol I just had to !! I havent been sleeping well :/ So
this was super fabulous !! I also even bought new super soft sheets , lol I thought this might help out my sleeping troubles ! Im not sure if it worked but they are soft and nice :] and oh so pretty

Then Joel and I got ready to go to brunch yumm yumm :] We went to the lovely Kapalua Plantation Resturant ! I mostly wanted to go there because of the view [hee hee] And boy was it worth it ! The view from that place is breathtaking ! It was a little drizzly but , thats Maui tropics for yah !! Drizzly then Sunny :]

OKAY blog friends I am going to do my first "Outfit of the Day" Im not going to do this all the time but when I think my outfit is semi-worth talking about LOLz :D So here we go

ha so What im wearing :: Forever 21 Shrug, dress and necklace . Ross Boots, and my sunglasses are Von Zipper !!I always get weird looks when I wear my boots but I love em so it doesnt really bother me :] LOL

Next in our day of fun we went to go visit my beautiful cousin Jadyn :]

As you can see we also had some confetti egg fun :] hee hee I love those things :] Shortly after Joel and Jadyn decided to try out some of their moves on her balance beam :]

OMG I love these two so much <3 Jadyn and I decided to follow our fun with the beach :] What a beautiful day for the beach the sun was shining and the whales were jumping. Oh happy day :]

All in all I had a fun busy day !! What a good Easter ! I think Joel and I are doing easter take duex on tuesday with his nephew ! We will see !

NE WHO look out for my next post or video I want do do a skin care regime type thing ! What do you think ? I will also do a product review coming up shortly . I would add it onto this post but its already so long lol



Saturday, April 3, 2010

First I-Movie Video

Hola , lol so I spent a bazillion $'s...[not exactly] BUT any who I fixed Joels mac book so I could make videos faster and its just a matter of time before I get used to the different system!! Bare with me friends :D

Here is my video...Pardon the goofiness lol I know i like to watch funny videos so I thought I would make my own :]

Hope You like it :] Comment and Subscribe ...Please

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gemini astrological sign and the name of the boat we went on this Tuesday ! It was so meant to be :] hehe The boat was so much fun !!! At first I was kind of bummed that we weren't gonna go swimming or anything like that but once we got to the beach...IT WAS SO WINDY !! usually boats like catamarans dock on the shoreline so people can climb the latter up to the dock but because the water was so choppy and the wind was blowing hard we had to walk a mile down the beach so we could take a zodiac to the boats !!! BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT !

I think the thing I was most excited about was to lay on the netting and watch the ocean surge under me as we glide through the waves :] Here is my Joel doing just that !!! LOL I was the camera person this trip so I had to take a quick shot !! HOW neat is this boat ? It was kinda AWESOME to just lay on the soft end of the boat especially because it's whale season out here in Hawaii !! So we saw some AWESOME whale action ! Oh how I love Humpback whales :]

Here are some shots of the Whales taken with my Cheapy ol' Water proof Olympus camera by our friend Naiwi , who was brave enough to sit right on the edge lol !!

How awesome is that ? This was the male escort of the pod showing off how big and tuff he is :] lol There was also the cutest baby calf doing little breaches but I was way to distracted to take pictures !! hahah On the way back to Ka'anapali on the boat Joel and I stayed up front and got SOAKED !! lol But it was so much fun ! And worth being freezing cold :]

Here I am all wet and salty :] hahaha !! What a beautiful sunset followed by some yummy !SUSHI!!! Ah what a fun day !! Now to eat the chicken Divan I just made for lunch !! I will do a makeup tutorial hopefully tonight using drugstore products so keep on the lookout for that !!

Salty Kisses !!