Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Bee

So I have been pretty busy this week with training and work :] and surfing LOL and socializing !!! LOL so its been a fun busy week ! Which is so awesome I have been totally a hermit crab lately ! But this week I have been out and about ! Still trying to decide if I should go to Oahu or not to do Erins Makeup for The Throwdowns first Head-lining show !! Ah so hard to decide the money is what is the issue :[ Damn you finances !!!!!

ah, so anyways I will leave you with some new shots I did for my portfolio ! I took the pictures edited and also did the hair and makeup :] yay!! I did this with my friend Ashley ! Check out her blog HERE :]

have a great weekend !! And if you live on Maui come to the salon tomorrow !! We are having a free braid and beach curl class !! from 5-7 !!! Free drinks and pu-pus !!!


  1. ooooo sounds like a fun time at the Salon.. maybe I'll swing by. :) I'll bring my sissy-in-law.

    and yay since you're legal now.. we can get some drinks... and yes, let's do lunch! oh goodness you just reminded me how "old" I am!! oh, how i miss being 21!...well actually 25. 25 was a good year.

    xx Love & Aloha

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  2. im not legal till next month :/ may 25th lol but we can do lunch soon :] maybe Penne Pasta ? its my fav not sure if you like LOL but yeah gimme a text and I double entered ur giveaway :] lets see if lady luck is on my side this time :]

    *Crosses Fingers*