Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunny-day

So the day started off with me sleeping in , lol I just had to !! I havent been sleeping well :/ So
this was super fabulous !! I also even bought new super soft sheets , lol I thought this might help out my sleeping troubles ! Im not sure if it worked but they are soft and nice :] and oh so pretty

Then Joel and I got ready to go to brunch yumm yumm :] We went to the lovely Kapalua Plantation Resturant ! I mostly wanted to go there because of the view [hee hee] And boy was it worth it ! The view from that place is breathtaking ! It was a little drizzly but , thats Maui tropics for yah !! Drizzly then Sunny :]

OKAY blog friends I am going to do my first "Outfit of the Day" Im not going to do this all the time but when I think my outfit is semi-worth talking about LOLz :D So here we go

ha so What im wearing :: Forever 21 Shrug, dress and necklace . Ross Boots, and my sunglasses are Von Zipper !!I always get weird looks when I wear my boots but I love em so it doesnt really bother me :] LOL

Next in our day of fun we went to go visit my beautiful cousin Jadyn :]

As you can see we also had some confetti egg fun :] hee hee I love those things :] Shortly after Joel and Jadyn decided to try out some of their moves on her balance beam :]

OMG I love these two so much <3 Jadyn and I decided to follow our fun with the beach :] What a beautiful day for the beach the sun was shining and the whales were jumping. Oh happy day :]

All in all I had a fun busy day !! What a good Easter ! I think Joel and I are doing easter take duex on tuesday with his nephew ! We will see !

NE WHO look out for my next post or video I want do do a skin care regime type thing ! What do you think ? I will also do a product review coming up shortly . I would add it onto this post but its already so long lol




  1. Were the sheets I sent you not soft enough, I thought they were super soft lol. I live you outfit, you look fab! You have seen my other post on your blog haven't you? Did you get my card yet? :0/ seriously do I need to start sending cards over a week early???

  2. Looks like you had a great Easter!!! :) Ooooo and Plantation House restaurant!! YUM. I haven't been there in years.

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. @ Anonymous aka auntie lol THEY WERE but we wore em out lol i guess they got all their use LOL !!! my washer is rough on my poor sheets :/ and yes i have seen your other comments thankies :]

    @ Sharon !!! yes looks like we had similar easter mornings lol !!