Saturday, August 20, 2011

Prevention is Key ?!

So this year I turned 22  ... I know SCARY lol Alot has been changing in my life .
New home , new job , newly engaged !
HAHA alot !
I never really have even thought about the fact that ... well hey im not getting any younger !
So I have added a few new things to my skincare regime for wrinkle prevention...
LOL something that I would never have personally thought of till I started working at Sephora !!

I already had a problem with dark circles (runs in my family)
So a coworker recommended this AMAZING eye cream that both prevents wrinkles AND brightens under eye circles !!! YAY ! It is pretty expensive but hey ! Well worth it !!

I also have been using the Sephora Instant Depuffing roll on gel ! Helps reduce puffiness under the eyes...
Hence the name !!! haha Also works well with the eye cream as a pair .
And looks amazing under concealer !! Helps ALOT 

I really like this product its like a small eye massage in a tube haha !!
HA well thats all I have for now !
I know I may be over thinking the whole wrinkle thing lol
but hey better to catch it before its too late right???
Until my next post !


Friday, August 12, 2011

California Gurls ... Part 2 !

HI !!! LOL How are all of you good I hope !! Last weekend I was lucky enough to get free tickets to a Katy Perry Concert !! Shes not my #1 choice of music or anything .
But she is an amazing performer !! Not to mention totally smoking hott ! LOL

Ah she is so stunning !! in real life just as much as photos!
So of course to attend such a concert we naturally needed to have Katy Perry Inspired makeup :]

My little sisters makeup was inspired by Katy Perrys look in California Girls ! Also
inspired by the video tutorial I did !!! YAY haha you can see that tutorial here :


Of course I had to partake in all the glittery fun ! haha so on myself I did
a glittered liner look :]

I love glitter liner for even day looks ! It is so fun and spunky !
Should I do a video showing how to do a simple glitter liner ??
let me know !!

On that note if you have a chance to see Katy Perry in concert and enjoy her music DO IT !
It was such a fun sister night :]

ha okay until my next post ! (which hopefully doesn't take another month)

Adios !