Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mens Haircut :]

If you remember from following my blog , I am an apprenticing hair stylist !! Lately my mentor and I have been working on haircuts ! Its my least confident area :/ But lately its been clicking a little more for me :D My Joel is my #1 Model haha . Joel was wanting a new style he usually goes for the more traditional mens cut the fade on the sides and just a slight fo-hawk on top... But this time he was thinking of trying something different.... His new "Look" is inspired by this picture...

Also this picture ...

As Joel said haha kind of a vintage manly LOOK ha ha he is so cute :] This was Joel before :]

His crazy long filipino hair haha aw and after his hair cut.... :::Drum roll ::

How handsome does he look ?!?! haha I was kinda shocked at how different he looked and so were a few girls in the salon :] I think it was a good choice on his part and a good haircut on mine :D haha Thanks for letting me practice on you babe !! Until the next Hair cut !!


xo Gabriella

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Once a Week ?? Lipstick Haul

I know said this in my last blog but I have been seriously working ALOT ! I did actually have a day off this week though :D hee hee!!  My new job has been going well !! I love the products we sell! and thats always important :] Gosh I feel like my life is so un-eventful right now :/ Nothing super exciting to blog about :[ BOO

BUT I do have a small Lipstick Haul :D YAY

All Four shades are kinda pinky :] Good for summer !! Not all are exactly a good shade for me but thats the beauty of being a makeup artist ! I can use them on someone else haha :] Here are some pics of the lipsticks on my lips !! { please pardon the bad quality }

haha This shade looks terrible on me but would look nice on someone lighter with yellow undertones :] This shade is called Think Pink #901B This is without lipgloss BTW I think with the right lipgloss this shade could be wearable !

This color I actually kind of life ! Its called Mauve Outta Here ! #907C

Ugh sorry again for the quality as this photo does NOT do this color JUSTICE ! Its such a gorgeous HOT PINK color!! its called SMOKING HOT PINK  lol #905D

This one I also Like it reminds me of a wine type of color :] Rich and pretty its called funny enough Wine Room :] #906D !! These are all Wet and Wild Mega Last Lip Color lipsticks each retailing at about 2.37$ Not too bad eh ? I would compare them too MAC's Creemsheen lipsticks similar kind of feel but not as high quality ! Check them out and let me know what you think :D

Until next time !


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Im still Alive !!

ha I feel like I haven't blogged in a million years ! Is that pathetic ?! LOL i dint know hahaha I have been working literally NON stop I haven't had a day off in over a week >_< and this week isnt going to change LOL ahhhhh oh well ....Money will be worth it haha right ?

here i am barley awake and quite delirious actually

hahaha ANYWAYS Joel and I are minorly addicted to Rock Band... We may need to attend RBA...Rock Band Anonymous ahhhh LOL its so much fun though LOL, so entertaining !!

haha he will prbly hate that i posted this picture but whatevs !!! LOL ahh on another note Im thinking about getting a piercing ... well a re-piercing ! I want my nose pierced again i miss it soo :[

What do you guys think ? Can my little square nose pull off a nose stud...again ?!?! yay or nay ?! Im also dying for a tattoo LOL ahhh all the self inflicted pain i want to do to myself LOL boo But i think i shall get my nosey done first :D

Happy work week everyone !!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Addicted to Quality

Hola Friends :] Tonight the bf and I had a mini spa day at home :] Such a great way to end a good day :] Did some shopping to complete my black and white wardrobe for my new job ! LOL good thing black is also my uniform for the Salon LOL :D

Ne Who here is a breakdown of our mini spa day :] and also a mini product review :D Enjoy !!

Joel and I Glazed our hair :D hee hee , We are both now rocking Jet Blue Black hair ! I love the Paul Mitchell PM Shines ! They are Demi-Permanent hair color which means it does not alter your natural hair color !! Which is awesome for those of you who are commitment phobes LOL :] <3 Plus they make your hair super shiny :] Go to Soleil Luna Salon and Spa to check them Out !!

Part Two of our Spa night was trying out some new Lush products I got :D OMG OMG OMG I like totally am officially a "LUSHY" haha I mean how can you not love products that are good for you?! The first thing we tried was the Almond and Coconut Smoothie !! Its a Smoothie for your skin !! LOL the natural oils leave your skin feeling hydrated , fresh and clean !! Not to mention it smells soooo yummy  :D Check it out HERE
So after our body smoothies haha we tried Buffy Body Butter !! This is a solid body butter with ground rice, almonds and aduki beans to exfoliate you to velvety perfection !! lol it feels kind of weird at first and gritty ! If you dont like to exfoliate and feel a tough scrub you wont like this...but if you do , well then your going to love it !!!!! After your rinse  your body will feel super oily !! Dont scrub this all off !!!! Its supposed to feel like that TRUST ME !! Pat Dry and enjoy your smooth soft skin :] Check it out HERE
And our last step ... Facial masks of course !!! lol Joel chose to clarify and renew his skin with a peel :D so fancy huh ?!?! He used the :
He really liked it although if you dont let it dry all the way before you peel its messy ! That he didnt like haha :] And I decided to go ahead and take care of some of my recent acne !! {ew} I used a
oh i love this mask ! makes my skin feel so fresh with the mint , ahhh and so clean !!

Do you self spa ?!?! I loves it !! :D

have a good night !!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

**Midnight Moon Eyes ! **

This look was totally inspired by ...YOU GUESSED IT the Twilight series...Im totally obsessed ! LOL I wish I would have taken more shots but since I didnt here is the ONE shot I did take LOL

I dont know what I was thinking only taking one picture but oh well you can achieve this look very easily ! Just go ahead and check out my tutorial !!

As usual let me know what ya'll think and please comment rate and subscribe to my videos !!! Also let me know if you have an requests for looks :] I would love to do em :D

xo Gab