Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mens Haircut :]

If you remember from following my blog , I am an apprenticing hair stylist !! Lately my mentor and I have been working on haircuts ! Its my least confident area :/ But lately its been clicking a little more for me :D My Joel is my #1 Model haha . Joel was wanting a new style he usually goes for the more traditional mens cut the fade on the sides and just a slight fo-hawk on top... But this time he was thinking of trying something different.... His new "Look" is inspired by this picture...

Also this picture ...

As Joel said haha kind of a vintage manly LOOK ha ha he is so cute :] This was Joel before :]

His crazy long filipino hair haha aw and after his hair cut.... :::Drum roll ::

How handsome does he look ?!?! haha I was kinda shocked at how different he looked and so were a few girls in the salon :] I think it was a good choice on his part and a good haircut on mine :D haha Thanks for letting me practice on you babe !! Until the next Hair cut !!


xo Gabriella

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