Friday, July 2, 2010

Makeup Wish List - (atm)

So there are a FEW things I am so dying for right now !!! AH but I am trying to be "responsible" and wait it out ... At least until next paycheck haha ;]


 Coastal Scents 88 Pallate ! Ah Think of the possibilities !!! :D


Again think of all the possibilities LOL this would be perfect for brides :D


All these blushes already in their neat little pallate ... A makeup artists DREAM :] ::drools:: Coastal scents is also doing a special right now where you buy two for a lesser price.. I may have to look into this deal... Just maybe :D


Lip Scruff Sounds interesting enough no ? buff and polish lips with this bad boy :D


The Body Shop Matte Skin Primer !! Looks fun and easy :D


Sephoras Sculpting Kit ! Who doesnt want a nice Sculpted face :]


Lise Watier Concealer Wheel :D... There are so many other fun things I desire but I will save those for a later post :D

Till the next post

xo Gabriella

1 comment:

  1. I'm addicted to eye shadow pallets like this. I feel like when all the colors are right in front of me I can be way more creative with what i do with my makeup. Love love love it.