Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hot Tube Time Machine..lol

So Joel and I went to go see "Hot Tub Time Machine " yesterday ! LOL good thing we got in for free , because it was a little dumb. HAHA but that was prbly the point right ? I did absolutely LOVE the soundtrack though ! Omg gotta love the 80's right ?! Haha I think I enjoyed Craig Robinson the most !! Usually he doesn't play such main character parts !! And I think he is HILARIOUS !! ha and my grandfather hangs out with him at a bar in LA lol which makes it even cooler !!! I used to have a voicemail saved on my phone from the actor ! My grandfather recording him singing muse Karaoke style at the bar lol tre' cool !!

So Yesterday I also did makeup for the beautiful Geri Emata , Host of "Self Made in Hawaii" I have mentioned in a previous blog that I was doing makeup for that show ! It was kind of spur of the moment !! But they were getting ready to shoot the next episode !! Geri is so pretty so its so easy to do her makeup lol but its still so much fun!!! This time we airbrushed her foundation on to give her that dewy perfect skin :] Her hair was one by one of the stylist named Ashley!!

Here is the shows Website if you want to check it out :


And here is their facebook fanpage !! ::


Joel and I are going on a boat in a few hours ! Kinda a work function for the restaurant he works at ! I hope to see some whales ! and that the ocean isn't too choppy !! Its kind of a windy blustery day :/ Wish me luck guys lol

Love, Gab

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beach / Prom

Ah so today the BF and I had a relaxing day at the beach :] Gosh I havent been in the water in forever !! It was kind of windy and a little drizzly but it was still nice to lay in the sun :] And to watch Joel frolic in the waves Lol <3>

We also had an ultra yummy lunch at Hula Grill :] Oh how I love those Crab Mac Nut Wontons !! And their ceviche !!! YUM-O the nice waitress also gave us a complientary dessert ! What an evil nice woman LOL

On other wonderful news I did my friend Aida's makeup for her Prom yesterday :] She looked so beautiful she wanted to be a Vintage cutie !! And she totally WAS! I love doing fun makeup like that especially on friends who appreciate it so much :D Thanks Aida I hope you had so much fun at prom !! I WISH I COULD GO lol :[ I never got to go to prom ::sad:: ah oh well Here is beautiful AIDA !!!

How cute is she right ? Hope you had fun girl !! I also did some awesome nail art haha on the girls who work at the salon !!

Gotta love nail art come visit me at Soleil Luna a Salon and Day Spa to get your cool nail art TODAY !! LOL

Love Love <3 Gab

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun Fun Fun :]

Aw so I had all these awesome pics of my fun evening out with my BFF Ash lol but somehow they are lost :[ so sad !!! RE SHOOT Ash okay ?! LOL But I had such a blast catching up and laying on the beach watching the sunset !! Then eating yummy vegetarian PHO !!! I had pictures off all of this :[ So bummed they are lost ... NE WHO

Tonight I am trying a new facial masque/treatment !! It is weird one guys lol it is called Fresh Fruit Lemon Mask Sheet it is by the FACE SHOP !!! It is a mask to hydrate and improve skin tone !! [YAY] !!

So the benefits of Lemons :: [in case your wondering] Known for fighting fatigue as well as for their skincare benefits, vitamin rich Lemons hydrate and improve skin tone !!!

This mask is made from ALL NATURAL pulp sounds yummy to me right ? lol And I bought it al Walgreen's for under 4 dollars !!! [SCORE]

This is what the packaging looks like!! Just in case you want to try it out !!! :D AND THIS IS WHAT THE ACTUAL MASK LOOKS LIKE...LOL

HA my boyfriend Joel was like wth ?! LOL but its so refreshing !! I had to modify it a tad to fit my small face but it has little nicks in it where you can fold it over !! So nice !! TRY IT and let me know what you think :D

Other Exciting News !!! I made another Makeup Tutorial !! Yippee !!! This one in my opinion is a lot better in many ways lol !!! Its a very Bronzy look great for spring and summer !! Let me know what you guys think :]

In my next video or blog I will be doing a review and look using the New Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation and the powder !! I dont usually go for liquid/mousse foundations but I thought I might try out a more affordable alternative to MAC cosmetics !! So look out for that !! Here are those products BTW :::

So yeah YAY for new makeup !! Comment and Subscribe to my videos friends!! I appreciate it !!!



Thursday, March 25, 2010

Color Correction !

As you may or may not know ! I am an apprenticing hair stylist at Soleil Luna a Salon and Day Spa !!! Color has been my niche since I have started !! I love the whole concept of taking what someone has naturally and enhancing it !! My favorite color type jobs too do are FUNKY ones but thats not really in high demand here in Maui !! Anyways ! My boyfriend sisters gf asked me a WHILE ago to try and fix her hair for her !! And finally coordinating a time where we could do it , WE DID IT LAST NIGHT !!! She had gotten the underneath bleached out a while ago and wasnt digging it any more !! So I told her I could easily fix it and make her natural hair even more beautiful then it already was :D Here are the BEFORE pics :::


This is Ariel [lol] as you can see her ends were way way lighter then her roots ! So our goal was to make it all even and rich and shiny :]

For her hair I wanted to use this product called Redken Shades ! This is a Demi-permanent color ! I had decided to go with this instead of permanent because Ariel didnt want to alter the color of her natural hair ! The Redken Shades was a great choice because it will eventually fade back to her hair color but will also cover miss matched hair color ! The Shades also make your hair very soft and shiny because it is shampoo based :D

This is us in "action" haha!! I used some foils on top of her head because I used two different shades of brown to give her a little dimension :]


Our result ! Shiny multi dimensional hair ! Her hair came out so smooth and shiny after she was so happy !! :D Thanks for letting me do whatever I wanted to your hair Ariel !!!

On other way exciting news !!! I MADE A YOUTUBE MAKEUP TUTORIAL !!! YAY ! haha It isnt the best quality because i am just using my grandmothers little Samsung digital camera ! But until I get a better one this will have to do ! Im still playing with the lighting and its a little of in the Video but you will get the general gist of it !

So this look is VERY simple and VERY easy to do ! Thats why I am calling it my easy Maui day makeup ! I used all products that hold well in our tropical environment ! And makeup that will last all day ! The only thing I ever have to do is blot my skin and re-apply lip gloss ! Other than that this makeup look is full proof ! I will do some more "fun" looks !! Does any one have any suggestions or requests ?

Hope you guys like it ! Comment and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel please!! LOL

Love and Rockets [lol]

Gabriella !!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Video !!

So this is OFFICIALLY my first Video ever made LOL !! It is kind of amateur but hey ITS A START !! This video is BASICALLY my portfolio !! But I was just messing around on Windows Movie Maker wanted to try out the program and see if it was something I could play around with to eventually make Makeup Tutorials and Vlogs !!! So we will see how this works !!! As soon as my mac book is fixed Ill just do it that way but until then ... ENJOY !!!!

ps let me know what you think! and if you think a makeup tutorial would be too boring in slideshow format !!!

XO gab

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bang Bang Bangs

SO the very nice new stylist at the Salon cut my Bangs today !! lol I totally love them , not use to having them all up in my eyelids LOL so I may trim them JUST A TAD more on Monday or Tuesday !!! I always love changing up my hair , so even the smallest changes like a bang cut are enjoyable !!! I've always had those long side swept bangs ! So nice to change it up :]

I am also thinking about maybe coloring my hair...I know I know I have black hair !! And if you know anything about color , you would know that to do anything different color wise with black hair would involve BLEACH... Now this may scare ALOT of people , but its really not that bad !! As long as you take certain precautions it could LOOK TOTALLY FAB !!! My new look I want is Inspired by this totally cute asian actress Jeannie Mai...Im not sure if you can really tell but she has some cool blue chunks in her hair. I prbly would not go with THIS much blue but some cool triangles of color in my bangs and all over my head !!! Tre CUTE :]

In other RANDOM news I am reading a new lovely Book !!!!! It is called "WICKED : The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West" If you know anything about The Wizard of OZ and enjoy it YOU WILL LOVE THIS BOOK . Im not finished yet but I love books that go more into detail about characters !!! I am about half way in and I just bought this book a few days ago LOL !!! I havent read a book this good since the Twilight SAGA !!! Seriously I HIGHLY recommend this book !!!! Since I have been sick this has been my time mover LOL

Until the next POST !!! <3>

Friday, March 19, 2010


OKAY so Im totally happy that my profile views are going up !! For those reading THANK YOU so much !!! Sorry I haven't been posting !! Guess what ...I am sick AGAIN ! This time with some sort of stomach virus...NOT CUTE !!! I guess that is one of the down-falls of working with kids ! I better start boosting my Immune system ! Anyone have any tips ?

Otherwise nothing exciting has been going on whatsoever... Will do a makeup blog next blog update !! Until then I rest for I go back to work tomorrow !!! And GMA is coming back home from Cali YIPPIE !!!!

SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER , who prbly will never read this but ANYWAYS !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SIS !!! I love and miss you so much !!!! Hope you had fun at Disneyland :] [brat] LOL jk <3

Mckenna and I last June 09' for her Middle School Graduation :[ I miss her so much !

Us being total weirdo's in the Disneyland Bathroom June 09'

Makeup I did on my sister , very natural. She doesn't need much shes so young and pretty :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Review's and Such

So lately I have been hearing a lot about this new brand of lip balm called EOS !! It is an all natural paraben and petrolatum free lip moisturizer !! It's packed with vitamin E , shea butter and jojoba oil !!! Not to mention that the packaging is freaking CUTE !!!!! It comes in two flavors my personal favorite the pink packaged Summer Fruit and the Green Package is Melon !!!

Such a cute little orb of moisture

Another product I have been dying to try out was a Revlon Photo Ready Liquid Foundation...I have to be honest I wasn't all that impressed. The color range wasn't all that great I think there are a total of about 10 different shades ! When I went to the store about 4 were available , I bought 008 which is the Golden Beige color . In the packaging it looked like the right shade for my skin but I think once applied it was actually a little to light !!! Not to mention it has ALOT of shimmer to it !! It's almost like a liquid bronzer !!!! I wish I could return it in all honestly BUT since I cant I guess ill use it during winter time when I tend to be lighter !!! I will say the one thing I did like about the product was its packaging !! The pump was nice and easy to use !!!

On my next post I will feature the application on the REVLON PHOTO READY FOUNDATION and also a NEW product !!! SO look out for the Next POST !!!!

Love and Rockets !


Saturday, March 6, 2010


Busy fun day today !!! Had a nice breakfast with the family in Paia !!! Then saw Alice in Wonderland in 3D !!! Totally worth the couple extra bucks !! Very cool movie ! And very cool 3D action !! I think I may watch it again with Joel !!! hahaha !!! Oh how I love the tea party scene ! It was loony and totally funny !!! I wish I could join in hahahaha !!!

On a different note I actually did a makeup look today ! Its a Turquoise look I was kind of inspired by all the blue Alice wears in the movie !! I mean its not an exact match of blues but it was just inspiration :] !! With a splash of silver and black for drama :]

I would list the products but I am brainstorming ideas on how to make a makeup video so I will save it for then !! If you desperately want to know before then just hit me up with a lovely comment and I would be happy to answer !!!! I have another busy day tomorrow I hope I can do everything I have to do :/ I am kind of worried some people might be disappointed if i dont make it to some functions etc...

Well time to clean this makeup off LOL I have no where cool to go all did up hahahahaaha !!!

love !!!


Friday, March 5, 2010


oh joy.
rough last couple of days :/
this weekend should prove to be...eventful.
we will see.

Went to the Bazaar tonight. Kind of reminds me of that movie Pollyanna , but then again not because its not as extravagant... Same general concept though , rides , games , food , music and crowds !!! Saw some "ex" friends there , tried to be tough and make it seem like I dont care...But I do. It's frustrating when you dont know what you did wrong to not be friends anymore. And then you feel stupid for thinking that YOU did something wrong or that something is personally wrong with you.

I guess I shouldn't let it bother me , but we all know that can be hard to do. Some things are just easier said then done , am I right ?

Friends on maui are like snake skin, you out grow them and leave the shedding dead skin behind. It's just something you need to learn to deal with I suppose. [ or for me ne ways ]

Oahu is a place I could possibly see myself living . Its the best of both worlds right ? Island beauty with a city ? Who knows but considering anything at this moment.

till later ,

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Teenage hormones have finally caught up with me [lol] because within the last 3-4 months Acne has been camping out on my face :[ It has been hard to find a regime to keep it clear and still be natural ! My skin is so sensitive so it was hard at first !! BUT finally I have found some products that if used correctly and constantly they totally work for being ORGANIC !!! It is called Eminence Organic Skin Care !! oh im in love haha !!!

<<--This is the Cleanser I use everyday, twice a day ! I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your face clean ! ESPECIALLY if you wear makeup everyday ! and if you have problems with acne !! This cleanser is highly concentrated so a little goes a LONG way !!! Smells a little weird ha but you will get over it once you see the results !

*****Next I have my everyday spot treatment ! I use the Herbal Spot Serum ! Again this stuff is HIGHLY concentrated so a little goes a LONG way !! I use this after cleansing and before makeup ! I usually put it wherever I am more prone to breakouts ! I have noticed as I use it everymorning and before I go to bed this stuff really does kick butt !!! -------->

<<----Next is my facial masque ! This is the Garlic and Tomato masque !! LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! I use this maybe twice a week or more lol I just love the way my face feels after ! So fresh and so clean !! When applied the masque makes your skin nice and tight ! So it is kinda cool to see and feel like its actually working !!!

** This is my Gnarly almond and mineral treatment haha !! This stuff is a little intense as it is a HOT treatment !! I really only use this once a week it is an exfoliate so its not necessary to use more than that ! But when I say that it is a hot treatment I mean that it warms on its own ! I do use it in the shower that way the steam can open my pores and really exfoliate and clean but you do not need to do this for it to work ! Great stuff !!

** Last Eminence product is my moisturizer !! This is my favorite one to use right before putting on my makeup ! It gives such a clean dewy look , that I as a makeup artist JUST LOVE !! And the best thing about it is that its OIL FREE , so you dont have to worry about the added moisture making you look oily ! Gotta love that right ?!
This skin care line is a little on the pricey side , however it is totally worth every penny spent ! I have had trainings with one of the owners and these people are genius when it comes to ingredients and product formulation !! :] Totally RAD :D
Im thinking about doing a makeup tutorial inspired by salmon skin...LOL i know it sounds weird but have you ever looked at all the greys and blacks ? I think it has the potential to be HOTT ! So keep an eye out for it , it may happen either tonight or tomorrow :]
Thanks for reading comment and love !!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What a wonderful productive day !! It feels so good when you get so much done ! And boy did I do a lot today !!! I TOTALLY cleaned out my bathroom ! Scrubbed from floor to walls !! Literally cleaned every inch ! sink, toilet , shower, mirrors and ALL !! Even the shower curtain !! LOL

Second task of the day was going through my closet !! I am please to say Joel and I have one large trash bag of clothes to donate !! We were thinking maybe a Haiti donation or Chile ? Not sure we might just end up donating locally , but either way a good dead is a good dead !!!

Third task of the day was to cook a nutritious and yummy lunch !!! We are trying to eat more at home to save money and to eat healthier !! I steamed some yummy pesto covered salmon and had some tossed pasta !!! YUM-O and totally easy and healthy !!!

Fourth task !! I did like a billion loads of laundry !! Which is a big task of its own !! LOL no body enjoys doing laundry am i right ? I will admit there is still one basket waiting to be folded but hey i got alot done other wise !!!

Fifth task babysitting for an hour !! LOL need I say more ?

Sixth task SHOPPING went to wal-mart and bought alot of things we needed !! Like cleaning supplies and ramen LOL After the tsunami scare every market in Lahaina was bough out of RAMEN !! how crazy is that ???? We also bought other things !!!

Seventh task COSTCO lol thats always a long dreaded shopping trip , but list in hand we made it pretty fast and easy !! I cant wait to sink my teeth into those yummy cuties !!! [Mandarin oranges] We even had time to eat a quick dinner at Costco !! Nothing beats a quick cheap dinner !

All in all it was a great productive day !! We even go to visit with Joels family in Wailuku today ! haven't seen them personally in a few weeks so it was nice !!! His nephew is getting so BIG !!! Sorry if this post is boring [no pics :/] But just wanted to quickly right about my fabulous day and now im off too unwillingly watch 2012...NIGHTMARES here we come LOL

Have a great night !!! Lets pray tomorrow is as smooth and GREAT i have alot of my agenda :D

xoxo Gab