Thursday, March 4, 2010


Teenage hormones have finally caught up with me [lol] because within the last 3-4 months Acne has been camping out on my face :[ It has been hard to find a regime to keep it clear and still be natural ! My skin is so sensitive so it was hard at first !! BUT finally I have found some products that if used correctly and constantly they totally work for being ORGANIC !!! It is called Eminence Organic Skin Care !! oh im in love haha !!!

<<--This is the Cleanser I use everyday, twice a day ! I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your face clean ! ESPECIALLY if you wear makeup everyday ! and if you have problems with acne !! This cleanser is highly concentrated so a little goes a LONG way !!! Smells a little weird ha but you will get over it once you see the results !

*****Next I have my everyday spot treatment ! I use the Herbal Spot Serum ! Again this stuff is HIGHLY concentrated so a little goes a LONG way !! I use this after cleansing and before makeup ! I usually put it wherever I am more prone to breakouts ! I have noticed as I use it everymorning and before I go to bed this stuff really does kick butt !!! -------->

<<----Next is my facial masque ! This is the Garlic and Tomato masque !! LOVE LOVE LOVE !!! I use this maybe twice a week or more lol I just love the way my face feels after ! So fresh and so clean !! When applied the masque makes your skin nice and tight ! So it is kinda cool to see and feel like its actually working !!!

** This is my Gnarly almond and mineral treatment haha !! This stuff is a little intense as it is a HOT treatment !! I really only use this once a week it is an exfoliate so its not necessary to use more than that ! But when I say that it is a hot treatment I mean that it warms on its own ! I do use it in the shower that way the steam can open my pores and really exfoliate and clean but you do not need to do this for it to work ! Great stuff !!

** Last Eminence product is my moisturizer !! This is my favorite one to use right before putting on my makeup ! It gives such a clean dewy look , that I as a makeup artist JUST LOVE !! And the best thing about it is that its OIL FREE , so you dont have to worry about the added moisture making you look oily ! Gotta love that right ?!
This skin care line is a little on the pricey side , however it is totally worth every penny spent ! I have had trainings with one of the owners and these people are genius when it comes to ingredients and product formulation !! :] Totally RAD :D
Im thinking about doing a makeup tutorial inspired by salmon skin...LOL i know it sounds weird but have you ever looked at all the greys and blacks ? I think it has the potential to be HOTT ! So keep an eye out for it , it may happen either tonight or tomorrow :]
Thanks for reading comment and love !!!

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  1. That garlic tomato mask sounds awesome.

    I know, I need to swing by. I keep forgetting.. Hopefully this Saturday. You gonna be there?