Friday, March 19, 2010


OKAY so Im totally happy that my profile views are going up !! For those reading THANK YOU so much !!! Sorry I haven't been posting !! Guess what ...I am sick AGAIN ! This time with some sort of stomach virus...NOT CUTE !!! I guess that is one of the down-falls of working with kids ! I better start boosting my Immune system ! Anyone have any tips ?

Otherwise nothing exciting has been going on whatsoever... Will do a makeup blog next blog update !! Until then I rest for I go back to work tomorrow !!! And GMA is coming back home from Cali YIPPIE !!!!

SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER , who prbly will never read this but ANYWAYS !!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SIS !!! I love and miss you so much !!!! Hope you had fun at Disneyland :] [brat] LOL jk <3

Mckenna and I last June 09' for her Middle School Graduation :[ I miss her so much !

Us being total weirdo's in the Disneyland Bathroom June 09'

Makeup I did on my sister , very natural. She doesn't need much shes so young and pretty :D

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  1. You should take airborne and make sure you get your vitamins. C and Zinc are musts!