Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun Fun Fun :]

Aw so I had all these awesome pics of my fun evening out with my BFF Ash lol but somehow they are lost :[ so sad !!! RE SHOOT Ash okay ?! LOL But I had such a blast catching up and laying on the beach watching the sunset !! Then eating yummy vegetarian PHO !!! I had pictures off all of this :[ So bummed they are lost ... NE WHO

Tonight I am trying a new facial masque/treatment !! It is weird one guys lol it is called Fresh Fruit Lemon Mask Sheet it is by the FACE SHOP !!! It is a mask to hydrate and improve skin tone !! [YAY] !!

So the benefits of Lemons :: [in case your wondering] Known for fighting fatigue as well as for their skincare benefits, vitamin rich Lemons hydrate and improve skin tone !!!

This mask is made from ALL NATURAL pulp sounds yummy to me right ? lol And I bought it al Walgreen's for under 4 dollars !!! [SCORE]

This is what the packaging looks like!! Just in case you want to try it out !!! :D AND THIS IS WHAT THE ACTUAL MASK LOOKS LIKE...LOL

HA my boyfriend Joel was like wth ?! LOL but its so refreshing !! I had to modify it a tad to fit my small face but it has little nicks in it where you can fold it over !! So nice !! TRY IT and let me know what you think :D

Other Exciting News !!! I made another Makeup Tutorial !! Yippee !!! This one in my opinion is a lot better in many ways lol !!! Its a very Bronzy look great for spring and summer !! Let me know what you guys think :]

In my next video or blog I will be doing a review and look using the New Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation and the powder !! I dont usually go for liquid/mousse foundations but I thought I might try out a more affordable alternative to MAC cosmetics !! So look out for that !! Here are those products BTW :::

So yeah YAY for new makeup !! Comment and Subscribe to my videos friends!! I appreciate it !!!



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  1. soo cute! love it cuz!! so talented :D
    - robin