Sunday, January 31, 2010

I look as tired as I feel

I apologize in advance for my poor lighting AND bad photography. I am currently in the process of looking to buy a new camera , but you need money for that LOL !! So this is MY version on a Valentines Day Look...Or something I would wear anyways !! It pretty much consists of ALL purple shades, for my skin tone I felt this was the best choice. Another alternative for a Valentines day look could be pinks and creams but this wouldn't compliment my skin... ANYWAYS here is my Valentines Day Inspired look... :::

Purple Valentines Day Look

Again Sorry for the Bad lighting and what not :/ Here are the Products I used ::

* NYX jumbo eye pencil in Oyster

* MAC e/s in Beautiful Iris [[on lid]]

* MAC e/s in Parfait Amour on {{crease and outer V}}

* MAC e/s in Earthly Riches Mineralize the purple shade {{on our V to deepen}}

* MAC pigment in Vanilla {{to highlight under the brow}}

* Clinique Mascara :: Lash Doubling Mascara in Black

* MAC slimshine lipstick in Bare

* Benefit Lip Gloss in Magic

* MAC peaches blush

***Let me know if you have any questions on products or the makeup look in general :D Hope you like it !!!

So unfortunately I have been like REALLY REALLY sick lately...And it sucks lol but on a positive note it has given me time to practice some NAIL ART !! YAY it's tedious and small hard work but its so much fun !!! ::

::From Left to Right :: Heart Designs , Glitter Mania , Candy Cane Strips , Holly Leaf , Flowers , Sunshine Design , ZEBRA , LEOPARD print and Musical Notes...Contact me if your interested in me doing your nails !!! :D
Have a Great Day ! I will be gone for two days because tomorrow is my Two Year ANN with my Joel !!! yay So we will be staying at the BEAUTIFUL NAPILI KAI for two nights..FOR FREE lol gotta love that !!! TTYFN

Friday, January 29, 2010

Something New

Today I had to help my grandmother babysit, what felt like a MILLION kids :/ Yeah they are cute and everything but sheesh thats a LONG day ...7:30am-5:30pm ugh >_<

Have you ever had star fruit ? If you haven't you should TOTALLY try it ! Not only is it a super cute fruit [lolz] but its so nutritious !! The fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C and low in sugar, sodium and acid !! However if you are on medications for Kidney problems then it is not recommend for you...OTHERWISE ENJOY :]

I wanted to do a mini makeup review today instead of a makeup look , just to educate on some products I love and some I hate !!! Today I am reviewing.... MAKEUP REMOVER !! Now I know some people say "I just use water" , and yes that's a cheap alternative to buying a makeup remover ! BUT if you wear makeup everyday you really should use something that will clean your face completely of all the makeup !! Dont want to get those pores clogged :[


origins well off is currently my FAVORITE makeup remover !! Its extremely gentle on my sensitive skin , and my face doesn't feel oily after I use it !! I do recommend cleansing after use but if you didn't have time too it would be to horrible with this remover <3>


Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover...ITS NOT OIL FREE AT ALL !! I mean when it settles from sitting on your counter you can see the oil !!! It feels disgusting on your face after ! Very Oily !! I mean don't get me wrong it gets the job done , but who would want their face to be left so oily !? It retails at about $4-6 dollars...

**LASTLY a shot from my portfolio !!! :: Enjoy :]

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage Soul

I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era. Musically; I love music of all types but, lol some of my ALL TIME favs are not of this time. But that's okay it just means I am more inspired to bring back those o' so trendy times :D

Today's look is INSPIRED by vintage pin-up. When I say INSPIRED i'm not saying it is EXACTLY the same but my interpretation of such a classic look. I have always been in love with Vintage pin up looks , they women are so sexy without being overly skanky HAHA !!

So without future delay here is my vintage inspired look..unfortunately on myself hahaha !!

So I think the key to this type of look is to accentuate the most "sexy" part of a women's face her eyes and her lips :] Nothing too showy or over the top. Although I know red lips can be pretty over the top for most people haha !!! You want to start off with a fleshy toned eyeshadow something kind of peachy for the all over lid even a little shimmer wont hurt :] Then you want so lightly shade in a darker toned color something like brown into your crease and outer V ! NOTHING too dramatic just to accentuate your natural crease line !! Followed by DRAMATIC eyeliner : cat eyed for that extra punch ! You also want to line your water line both top and bottom , and smudge some black eyeshadow into your bottom lash line, dont for get MASCARA. And red lips for the finish :] For my vintage inspired hair I just did some looks curls with my flat iron :] If you want to know any other details or products I used send me a comment and I will GLADY reply :]

So on a different note I just had to tell you all about my newest favorite perfumes !!! I know they have been around for a while now but O-M-G they are sooo CUTE and so fresh smelling :] Im talking about.... Harajuku Lovers !! I have all 3 scents !! two are actually cute little bottles and one is in like some sort of solid form !! Good for in your bag :] Here are my lovely's :::

I think I like little Blondie "G" a little better shes just a fresh and clean smell :] Love which is the dark haired girl is more floral scented :] Oh so tasty hahahahaha !!! :] Good Day Ya'll Some me some love <3

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fluff in Stuff

You know how when your sick you do NOTHING well thats how it 's been for joel and I these last two days !! LOL our studio was DISGUSTING !! Not to mention we still had our X-mas tree...LOL not be cause we are lazy ; but it was kind of hard for me to part with it :/ I LOVE CHRISTMAS !!! So we took down our sad little tree :/ and then went on a cleaning and organizing spree !! It was lovely hahahahahahaha :]


This is what a sick persons fridge looks like lol full of drinks hahahaha >>>>>>>>>

On a different note I got my clothes in the mail !!!!!! YAY Unfortunately i'm only keeping two of the four items !! Im keeping the black sweater dress {{image below}} and these Skinny Jeans::

SOOO cute !!! and comfy :]

I bought this new Nail Polish in Oahu a few weeks ago and the color is BEAUTIFUL !!! Its called Metro Chic and oh is it soooo chic :] You do have to use at least 3 coats to get a good color but its such a beautiful mauvy purple :] Which I am totally into right now :D

Okay so I was going to do another look of the day but honestly I feel like shiz lol I know I totally FAIL haha But I will make up for it {{haha get it ?? MAKE-UP for it hehe}} :] PROMISE in the mean time I am going to lay on the couch and sip on some hot and steamy Sleepy Time Tea :] Aloha !!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

I did way to much today...and now im paying !!!

Went to the Doctor today , Joel and I officialy have the stomach flu...and it sucks..I feel so weak and tired :[ ugh its just so lame! :[ I want some homemade Soup please !!!

Okay so quick update otherwise , after I found out I was sick I tried to do all my errands today quick because I knew I would be in my cave the rest of the week ! BAD idea I ended up sleeping in the car in between stores >_<>

I went to recycle my MAC stuff today , the new MAC counter girls is creepy. The last few times i've been there she like totally rushes me to make a decision and buy more stuff. Joel and I were like HELLO WERE NOT BUYING A CAR !!! lol not to mention I know what im looking for and how it all works ... I guess I shouldn't be such a BEACH but i was sick ...sue me hahaha

::These are the two lipsticks I got ::


Nice shades too add to the collection ! Well thats all im posting today I need to go lay down LOL have a good evening !!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sick Day

So I called out of work today. I was feeling pretty HORRIBLE last night and this morning :[ feeling a little better now...And my wonderful boyfriend tried to cheer me up when he went to do errands and bought me the cutest rice krispie treat and Starbucks <3>

Since I had a Sick day in I decided to DE-pot my MAC eye shadows ! A task I have been Lagging to do for a WHILE now !! It really was actually kind of fun !! And not to mention SUPER easy !! I just followed a simple tutorial on YouTube : thanks a bunch Makeup Geek :D Kudos !! LOVE LOVE your videos so easy to follow!!

Here is my attempt that was a SUCCESS lol my bf totally thought I was crazy !!

The top Pic is me melting the plastic so I can pop out the pan !! The bottom is the Final Product !

Not only do I have nice organized Eye shadows now but I can get a free lipstick with the recycling program that MAC has !! YAY me :] LOL but now I need another palette :/ LOL sooon soooon. Another thing I did today out of Sick boredom was baked Cheesecake Brownies...Yes they tasted as good as the sound !!! ALSO VERY EASY here is the recipe :: thanks all recipe's !!

::::Here is the final product :] I wish it didn't crack but oh well !!!! ::::

Okay so I'm adding my daily look to today's post...LOL I got inspired by a geico commercial haha! So this is a GREEN going out look ...DEFINITELY not an everyday look , a little too dramatic !! Enjoy

*lol PLEASE ignore my stupid face haha and my bad camera skills these are all taken with my IPhone :/*

I think in that last shot it looks like the right side is darker ...but trust me it isn't , I think its the lighting and not having the right camera that tend to make the makeup shots not that great...But anyways. What do you think ?


**Urban Decay Primer Potion

**MAC e/s Shroom

**MAC e/s Humid

**MAC e/s Carbon

**MAC fluidline in Blacktrack

**Bare Essentials Big Teash Mascara

**MAC studio fix foundation

**MAC blush in Peaches

** Too Faced Bronzed and Beautiful Pallate

**MAC lipgloss in Revealing

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pretty Please ?

Long day at work today :/ Didnt feel so great ...BUT ANYWHO ! lol

I'm totally dying to try out one of those rings that has two finger holes !! Pretty Pretty !!! :] This is the one i want in particular ::::

thats the website !! Kind of pricy but totally rocking rings ! Maybe ill have to try one out from forever 21 first then move on to the big guns :D LOL

So my two year Ann with my lovely Joel is next Monday the 1st :] he is seriously a sweetheart, who has the greatest fashion taste ever !!!! He bought me the CUTEST sweater dresses !!!!!! He also bought me some jeans...but ill wait to post those when i know they fit hehehe :

I didnt do anything special with my makeup today... because I SUCK, but ill get to that ...PROMISE :D

So just to update some more on my makeup career !! My lovely grandmother from cali got me the most professional HUGE case ever !!! I feel like im actually beginning to have the right equipment for people to take me seriously !!! My Aunt also got me a WONDERFUL MAGNIGICENT temptu airbrush ...seriously ::dies:: it is like AMAZING i dont know how i ever did makeup before :] I love my family THANKS GUYS :]

It's Been a While ...

OKAY soooo.... I have totally been failing my blog :[

I watched that movie Julie and Julia yesterday and it inspired me to start writing in my blog again...I dont think anyone ever actually reads this but oh well !! I'll try it out anyways :]

So I want to try and do a different makeup look everyday and TRY to post it on here...Maybe even if my outfit is somewhat decent ill post that too !!

I want to expand my career !!!

So Yeah here are some pics of some work i have done while wasnt paying ANY attention to my Blog :] ENJOY

ps my bf thinks i should maybe try out making makeup/hair tutorial vids on youtube...but i am OH SO CAMERA SHY ...iono maybe