Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vintage Soul

I have always felt like I was born in the wrong era. Musically; I love music of all types but, lol some of my ALL TIME favs are not of this time. But that's okay it just means I am more inspired to bring back those o' so trendy times :D

Today's look is INSPIRED by vintage pin-up. When I say INSPIRED i'm not saying it is EXACTLY the same but my interpretation of such a classic look. I have always been in love with Vintage pin up looks , they women are so sexy without being overly skanky HAHA !!

So without future delay here is my vintage inspired look..unfortunately on myself hahaha !!

So I think the key to this type of look is to accentuate the most "sexy" part of a women's face her eyes and her lips :] Nothing too showy or over the top. Although I know red lips can be pretty over the top for most people haha !!! You want to start off with a fleshy toned eyeshadow something kind of peachy for the all over lid even a little shimmer wont hurt :] Then you want so lightly shade in a darker toned color something like brown into your crease and outer V ! NOTHING too dramatic just to accentuate your natural crease line !! Followed by DRAMATIC eyeliner : cat eyed for that extra punch ! You also want to line your water line both top and bottom , and smudge some black eyeshadow into your bottom lash line, dont for get MASCARA. And red lips for the finish :] For my vintage inspired hair I just did some looks curls with my flat iron :] If you want to know any other details or products I used send me a comment and I will GLADY reply :]

So on a different note I just had to tell you all about my newest favorite perfumes !!! I know they have been around for a while now but O-M-G they are sooo CUTE and so fresh smelling :] Im talking about.... Harajuku Lovers !! I have all 3 scents !! two are actually cute little bottles and one is in like some sort of solid form !! Good for in your bag :] Here are my lovely's :::

I think I like little Blondie "G" a little better shes just a fresh and clean smell :] Love which is the dark haired girl is more floral scented :] Oh so tasty hahahahaha !!! :] Good Day Ya'll Some me some love <3

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