Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fluff in Stuff

You know how when your sick you do NOTHING well thats how it 's been for joel and I these last two days !! LOL our studio was DISGUSTING !! Not to mention we still had our X-mas tree...LOL not be cause we are lazy ; but it was kind of hard for me to part with it :/ I LOVE CHRISTMAS !!! So we took down our sad little tree :/ and then went on a cleaning and organizing spree !! It was lovely hahahahahahaha :]


This is what a sick persons fridge looks like lol full of drinks hahahaha >>>>>>>>>

On a different note I got my clothes in the mail !!!!!! YAY Unfortunately i'm only keeping two of the four items !! Im keeping the black sweater dress {{image below}} and these Skinny Jeans::

SOOO cute !!! and comfy :]

I bought this new Nail Polish in Oahu a few weeks ago and the color is BEAUTIFUL !!! Its called Metro Chic and oh is it soooo chic :] You do have to use at least 3 coats to get a good color but its such a beautiful mauvy purple :] Which I am totally into right now :D

Okay so I was going to do another look of the day but honestly I feel like shiz lol I know I totally FAIL haha But I will make up for it {{haha get it ?? MAKE-UP for it hehe}} :] PROMISE in the mean time I am going to lay on the couch and sip on some hot and steamy Sleepy Time Tea :] Aloha !!!


  1. lol i still have MY tree up too. and at least your fridge looks more organized than mine's.

    where'd you buy the metro chic? have you gone into the victoria's secret store they had opened up on oahu? my manager ADORES that store and has described it in great detail! LOL


    And those jeans are way cute!

  3. Hi Iris I bought Metro Chic in oahu at Sephora I think it was about $9 not to bad :] And it's OPI so thats always a plus !!

    Thanks "megs" lol who doesnt love sleepy time YUMMY

  4. Skinnies are the best.

    The restaurant will be opening up above Good Year in Lahaina.... all the way at the top :) Great views!!