Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pretty Please ?

Long day at work today :/ Didnt feel so great ...BUT ANYWHO ! lol

I'm totally dying to try out one of those rings that has two finger holes !! Pretty Pretty !!! :] This is the one i want in particular ::::

thats the website !! Kind of pricy but totally rocking rings ! Maybe ill have to try one out from forever 21 first then move on to the big guns :D LOL

So my two year Ann with my lovely Joel is next Monday the 1st :] he is seriously a sweetheart, who has the greatest fashion taste ever !!!! He bought me the CUTEST sweater dresses !!!!!! He also bought me some jeans...but ill wait to post those when i know they fit hehehe :

I didnt do anything special with my makeup today... because I SUCK, but ill get to that ...PROMISE :D

So just to update some more on my makeup career !! My lovely grandmother from cali got me the most professional HUGE case ever !!! I feel like im actually beginning to have the right equipment for people to take me seriously !!! My Aunt also got me a WONDERFUL MAGNIGICENT temptu airbrush ...seriously ::dies:: it is like AMAZING i dont know how i ever did makeup before :] I love my family THANKS GUYS :]


  1. Hey Gabriella.. Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) and thanks for the sweet comment. Congrats on your upcoming anniversary!!

    The two finger rings (I like the name one) are bomb. I bought one from F21, but because it's cheapy.. it made my fingers green!! ha ha.

    Good luck with your make-up career. :) Keep up with your blog.. be back to visit again.

    Love & Aloha,

    p.s. May I ask who Iris is??

  2. Hiya !!

    thanks for commenting made me feel special HA

    Iris is one of your classmates , lol i think her last name starts with an S like Santuaro or something ionno lol here is her blog:

    Aren't the Two finger rings RIDICUOULSY cool !! Ah im so paranoid though to buy cheap jewelry ! and you should be careful too ! Cheap metal stuff made in China has been proved to have dangerous cancer causing metal i think called cadium , a friend of mine got a wicked bad chemical burn on her ear from one :[


    we should do a shoot sometime !!

  3. Oh ok.. Iris.. she's a year or two younger than me. I think. :)

    Yah.. cheap jewelry sucks!! Sorry about your friend.. yikes!!

    A shoot would be fun.. let's set that up once my toe is healed!! :) That's cool that you're apprenticing at Soleil Luna and yes I live in Lahaina.

    See ya around girlie!! Take care.


  4. Hi ! Look foward to it !!!

    heres my FB if you wanna add ::