Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Makeup Trends

Spring Makeup Trends

For Spring I am currently OBSESSED with a BOLD lip!!
Pink in particular as well!! 
Its the perfect way to add some color to your look without taking alot of time to do it!
You can also kick up the look an extra notch by adding a colored liner to your simple eye look!
 Use that bright colored eyeshadow that's been sitting in the back of your makeup drawer ! 
Just slightly dampen your liner brush then dip into your shadow,
 to create a more saturated liner look using shadow !!!
Spring is all about playing with color ! Makeup is only temporary so explore and have fun :]
xx Gabriella 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Style

I really need to start taking some risks in the clothing department.
All back errrday can only work for so long haha !!!
I joke that I'm Gothic .... but I may in fact be a closet goth kid HAHA

Exhibit A :

All Black in the blazing LA sun ... Crazy ? Fashion Statement ? nah Laziness is the more accurate answer !
I cant help it that most of my clothes are black , its mostly because of my job ... Mostly haha !

I really do try to add color but its hard to find the perfect balance of my goth chic meets spring time .
I mostly find it easier to add color on my face , IE makeup .

Of course , I'm a makeup artist !!!!

Exhibit B :

Bright colorful lips , compliments of Limecrime cosmetics !!!
On me (Left floral headed lady) Poisonberry - Limecrime on Marjorie Airbourne Unicorn also Limecrime !!
Thanks Do Deere for being so creative when making lip colors for us simple humans :]

Its obviously easier for me to experiment with color on my face.


I wanna wear pretty sundresses , and long flowy skirts

Exhibit C:

color by gabrie525 featuring red makeup

 Obviously my "colorful" outfit is Vintage inspired ... I love the Vintage look lol 
Until my next not so colorful post !!!

xoxo Gabriella 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Operation Gabriella

Operation Gabriella , what is this you might ask ?
This is me trying to commit to doing what I love , blogging !!!
I dont know how in the heck I still get views on this blog daily ... considering my last post was in October ...

Life is good , I am progressively stepping up the Sephora chain .
Planning two weddings ... Both for myself haha 
Supporting my love Joel in his artistic endeavors .
And trying to get on a routine .

Wedding planning is fun , thanks to Pinterest . I feel like every time I *Repin* its another thing checked off the long list of Weddings TO-DO's

Theoretically of course 

Work is fantastic , I am now officially the Beauty Studio Captain for our local Sephora..

**crowd cheers**

So much fun to be in a job I am in love with . 
Perfect marriage of Management and Business and MAKEUP.

More Blogs on the way I leave you with a sneak peak of our Save The Date photo shoot , Photo taken by the lovely and talented and my future sister in law Marie Jalayahay and photo wizard editing skills by the lovely Anna Meneses ....

Happy Tuesday xo Gabriella