Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Operation Gabriella

Operation Gabriella , what is this you might ask ?
This is me trying to commit to doing what I love , blogging !!!
I dont know how in the heck I still get views on this blog daily ... considering my last post was in October ...

Life is good , I am progressively stepping up the Sephora chain .
Planning two weddings ... Both for myself haha 
Supporting my love Joel in his artistic endeavors .
And trying to get on a routine .

Wedding planning is fun , thanks to Pinterest . I feel like every time I *Repin* its another thing checked off the long list of Weddings TO-DO's

Theoretically of course 

Work is fantastic , I am now officially the Beauty Studio Captain for our local Sephora..

**crowd cheers**

So much fun to be in a job I am in love with . 
Perfect marriage of Management and Business and MAKEUP.

More Blogs on the way I leave you with a sneak peak of our Save The Date photo shoot , Photo taken by the lovely and talented and my future sister in law Marie Jalayahay and photo wizard editing skills by the lovely Anna Meneses ....

Happy Tuesday xo Gabriella 

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