Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Style

I really need to start taking some risks in the clothing department.
All back errrday can only work for so long haha !!!
I joke that I'm Gothic .... but I may in fact be a closet goth kid HAHA

Exhibit A :

All Black in the blazing LA sun ... Crazy ? Fashion Statement ? nah Laziness is the more accurate answer !
I cant help it that most of my clothes are black , its mostly because of my job ... Mostly haha !

I really do try to add color but its hard to find the perfect balance of my goth chic meets spring time .
I mostly find it easier to add color on my face , IE makeup .

Of course , I'm a makeup artist !!!!

Exhibit B :

Bright colorful lips , compliments of Limecrime cosmetics !!!
On me (Left floral headed lady) Poisonberry - Limecrime on Marjorie Airbourne Unicorn also Limecrime !!
Thanks Do Deere for being so creative when making lip colors for us simple humans :]

Its obviously easier for me to experiment with color on my face.


I wanna wear pretty sundresses , and long flowy skirts

Exhibit C:

color by gabrie525 featuring red makeup

 Obviously my "colorful" outfit is Vintage inspired ... I love the Vintage look lol 
Until my next not so colorful post !!!

xoxo Gabriella 

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