Sunday, March 18, 2012

March :]

Things are going to start happening ! I have never been so driven to make my life work.
I'm bringing the ones I love along for the ride!!
I've realized i'm so passionate about everything !
Life , Love , Friends , Everything!

It is time to start networking again , working hard to get things done .
Joel is doing so well too its so exciting his artwork is getting to be something overly amazing!
Being creative with the #1 person in my life is so much fun :]

I've been thinking about doing picture tutorials rather then my videos for now till I have better editing equipment .
And it would be easier to post more daily . 
Watcha think ?

On that note here is an ADORABLE picture tutorial from Lauren Conrad :]

So Adorable ! I tried this on my hair the other night , didnt come out as well . 
I think its because my curling iron sucks LOL

I tried Lauren ! LOL