Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Sunday !!

I havent been up to much of anything exciting latley unfortuneatly haha Alot of working and networking! Good stuff haha :D Im going to start dedicating myself to an outfit a day post ... I know I have said this before but im REALLY REALLY going to try hahaha !!! But maybe ill start tmrw ;) haha Sunday outfits are never much fun :D

I DID finally get the shots to some makeup I did for a Wedding Dress Designer !! I dont know much details about the Designer unfortuneatly or the Photographer :/ But I do know that the photos and the dreses were so BEAUTIFUL !! If and when I do learn more info about the designer I will have to post her website and stuff !!! Until then enjoy some pics !!!

Mary is my tre beautiful friend !! Shes the one the Black above !! It was so much fun working with her !!! haha !

Anyways back to Shaking my Bones  , Enjoy this song by The Throwdowns !! Get you ready and pumped for the work week !!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Girls Night Out!

So I had the wonderful oppertunity to do makeup for a Photoshoot the other day that I actually had the pleasure of being in ! HAHA its not everyday the photographer and Musician want the Makeup Artist to be in the shot !! Tre' COOL ! I did ALL THE MAKEUP FOR EVERY GIRL IN THE SHOOT  haha !!

Enjoy some pics :D

This shoot was so much fun ! And I LOVE Jessica Pearl the Photographer You can check her out here . Styling was also provided for the Shoot from a super cute Shop here on Maui called MAUI THING

So Much Fun !! Now off to start my work week :/ Have a great day !!

xoxo Gabriella

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Demon in the Dark Makeup!

My Friend Kim and I are going to start a makeup series inspired by LUSH SOAPS ! I know kinda random and weird but HEY we love em so why not ! We also decided we would each pic soaps in the same color scheme and then one person do a "dramatic" look and the other a more wearable day look... This first time Around I was given the oppertunity to do the more "dramatic" Look here is a preview :D

LOL it was a fun look to do and DEFINEATLY SOMETHING  you could wear on a night out on the town :D I also did a bridal party today ! They were a fun bunch :] Oh the lovely joy of working :]

When the Video is up and running I will attach to Blog

xoxo and Night Night Lovelies


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July Fun

I havent been blogging as much as usual ! But I defineatly intend on picking back up my schedule :D July was a CRAZY month working two jobs ! I love how I go from hardly working to working doubles 5 days a week haha :p But foruneatly for me I will be working one job for now on FULL TIME AT THE SALON :D I am so happy ! I am doing TONS of makeup and TONS of fun nail art :D

I cant wait to show you guys what I have been up too !! Im waiting for some pictures from some work I have been doing ! But until then why not enjoy some pictures from my joels birthday :D

Aloha and Have a good week !! PS blog / video collab coming soon with Kim Antonio winner of my giveaway !!

us being silly before his birthday dinner at Kobe's !!

I love Candid Shots !! Joel about to blow out his candles :D
Breakfast the Next morning at bettys beach cafe !! Yummy !!

Until my next post have an awesome day !!

xoxo Gabriella

Friday, August 6, 2010

Winner of my FIRST Giveaway !!

The Winner is KIM ANTONIO !! More Details to come soon :D

xoxo Gabriella