Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Sunday !!

I havent been up to much of anything exciting latley unfortuneatly haha Alot of working and networking! Good stuff haha :D Im going to start dedicating myself to an outfit a day post ... I know I have said this before but im REALLY REALLY going to try hahaha !!! But maybe ill start tmrw ;) haha Sunday outfits are never much fun :D

I DID finally get the shots to some makeup I did for a Wedding Dress Designer !! I dont know much details about the Designer unfortuneatly or the Photographer :/ But I do know that the photos and the dreses were so BEAUTIFUL !! If and when I do learn more info about the designer I will have to post her website and stuff !!! Until then enjoy some pics !!!

Mary is my tre beautiful friend !! Shes the one the Black above !! It was so much fun working with her !!! haha !

Anyways back to Shaking my Bones  , Enjoy this song by The Throwdowns !! Get you ready and pumped for the work week !!

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  1. You have a blog award on my blog! Congratulations and can't wait to read more of your blog!