Tuesday, August 10, 2010

July Fun

I havent been blogging as much as usual ! But I defineatly intend on picking back up my schedule :D July was a CRAZY month working two jobs ! I love how I go from hardly working to working doubles 5 days a week haha :p But foruneatly for me I will be working one job for now on FULL TIME AT THE SALON :D I am so happy ! I am doing TONS of makeup and TONS of fun nail art :D

I cant wait to show you guys what I have been up too !! Im waiting for some pictures from some work I have been doing ! But until then why not enjoy some pictures from my joels birthday :D

Aloha and Have a good week !! PS blog / video collab coming soon with Kim Antonio winner of my giveaway !!

us being silly before his birthday dinner at Kobe's !!

I love Candid Shots !! Joel about to blow out his candles :D
Breakfast the Next morning at bettys beach cafe !! Yummy !!

Until my next post have an awesome day !!

xoxo Gabriella

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