Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Makeuppppp

Finally made another tutorial!!! Took forever to post about it LOL but here it is 

Products I used :

UDDP : Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Urban Decay Shadow in Half Baked 
MAC Sushi Flower (bright pinky color)
MAC Saddle to blend in the crease 
MAC ricepaper , Brule , and Shroom under my brows to highlight 
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in 0l (aka black)
Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara (not my fav)
Doir Brow Pencil

and for the face products I actually talked in the video about what i used ... ew creepy I hate talking in my videos LOL

But anywho been wearing this look alot its fun and light pretty colors for summer and pretty easy to do :]

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stop Sign

Yikes it's June already! So much has happened to me this year that I will never forget .
A little over a year ago I took the biggest leap with the man of my dreams. 
We are so happy here , sure things haven't gone exactly the way we planned but when in life does it ever ?

I'm so excited to keep moving forward and learning more about myself and my skills.
I love my Makeup and Hair stuff but its beginning to be put on the back burner.
I am learning so much more about life and everything that comes with it!!

Actually turns out I have a knack for floral arrangements ha-ha , which I find to be actually quite entertaining!
Getting paid to do something you enjoy is such a success in life . I feel sorry for those who search forever looking for something bigger and better . 
Live in the moment and enjoy whats in front of you before its gone !

College is just months away another exciting first for me . 
Nervous about seeing faces I don't want to see , but excited to get back into the learning game.
Scared to see what little I learned in High School is still stored in my brain LOL

On a side note I have an edited makeup tutorial just sitting here on my desktop ... 
I should prbly upload but my internet is so slow it literally takes days ...
And I'm so unsure about even posting tutorials any more . Sigh 

Joel and I at the flower shop workinggggggg hahaha its fun to be working together again :] 
That is how we met after all <3

Until Next time xo Gabriella