Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello my Name is Gabriella and ....


facebook obviously LOL


My Cell Phone

HELP lol Do I have a problem I seriously LOVE SHOPPING a little to much !! I cant not go into a store and not buy something LOL ESPECIALLY if its on SALE !! AH I sure do love a good sale !

What are your addictions ?
xo Gabriella

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I remember once watching that one movie "In Her Shoes " with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette . That movie mesmerized me with its story and Toni's Characters SHOE collection !! OMG LOL

A story about a sisters , shoes and life . I loved how Toni's Characters obsession for shoes zeroed in on the fact that shoes are the best thing to buy because they always fit ! What a perfect way for us women to indulge and spend a little cash ! HA I know today's society see's the ideal women to be small trim and fit . But let's be honest with ourselves here , most women are curvy and sexy as heck ! LOL But besides the point ... lets indulge in some shoe porn :]

Oh how I adore u so beautiful shoes ! Until my next post good night <3

xo Gabriella

Saturday, November 27, 2010

chop chop my bangs

AH I always seem to do stupid implusive stuff when im bored and tired and alone LOL I guess tonight was the un-lucky night that I chopped off my own bangs....

The inspiration ? ... None really just pure boredom .
But if I had to pick a picture of bangs that kinda inspired mine I would pick this one ...

But lets face it its not that easy to cut cute blunt bangs on yourself.. ugh LOL 

Now thats a lot of hair :[ 

What do you guys think ? Yay or Nay ? LOL

Friday, November 26, 2010

Vyou is a new site I have been checking out lately ! It is pretty much like a vlogging site in my opinion ... But with a slight twist !! You are able to ask questions of the person , whomever channel you may be looking at !

I made one to hopefully make an insight to my personality . I know I already make my YouTube Videos and what not but this is a more personal type of thing ! Because you directly can ask me questions and get a video response ! Pretty cool eh ? Best part is you don't need an account to ask questions !!!

So feel free to check it out and ask away :D

I bid you good day 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Makeup

I did Make a video for this look HOWEVER I do not think I will post it . My lack of proper recording materials makes this makeup look ; look a lot like my "Natural Neutral" when in actuality its NOTHING like that look LOL !

You see this look ! On camera (shitty MacBook webcam) it looks goldish brown ... when in real life its gold , light cranberry in the crease then a deep wine color in the outer V ... I wish I could capture this look in all its beauty ... But until i get #1 Better lighting and #2 better camera / video camera #3 better computer  I dont know how this is possible .

Ugh , lol im so out of it lately . Not feeling 100% Healthy ... Due to everyone around me being sick and I feel like im gaining back the weight I lost :( wah wah wah

LOL ill stop this post while im ahead ! Have a Happy Thanksgiving all !!
I wish I could post pictures , but even my regular camera is broken.. YAY ME 

lol xoxo Gabriella

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my hands smell like chemicals !

Mostly because I just scrubbed my bathroom sink and cleaned out my messy drawers haha !
Ah this is what my life needed a little break from filming/blogging (even thought I LOVE IT )
I needed some time to organize my shiz and my life haha !
But i'm back trying to get into the full of swing of things !


Ah I am sitting here on my couch about to watch Dexter ! While whitening my teeth ! All is well , only thing that would make this more perfect is if Joel was here <3

I am trying the five minute whitening system it tastes like crap but Im guessing anything that is supposed to whiten your teeth wouldn't taste like super good hahahaha

Ill have to make sure and let you all know how it works haha !

Well im off to enjoy this guy all by my lonesome <3 

Monday, November 8, 2010

I like Playing with Polyvore LOLz

Maui Maybe

It's always a lot of fun dreaming up outfits with clothes you wish you had ....
LOL which is the beauty of Polyvore ! hmmmm  I think this outfit would be 
cute any day of the  year in Maui !! Nice and cool for our tropical weather !

Sunday, November 7, 2010

More More More

I Love my JOB :]
Finally got the wonderful pictures from the MAUI THING shoot !
and let me tell you I am one proud mama haha

Hair and Makeup by myself :] Clothing by Maui Thing

Model Risa : Hair and Makeup : Gabriella (me) : MAUI THING CLOTHING

Model : Jazmin : Hair and Makeup : Gabriella (me) : MAUI THING CLOTHING

Model : Risa : Hair and Makeup : Gabriella (me): Clothing : Maui Thing

This Shoot was fun to do despite the rain HAHA...


I Love what I do , and thats why I do it !!
Learning how to work better on my business end of my makeup biz.
But Hey its all a learning process right ?!
Signing off a stressed but Happy Gabriella !


Friday, November 5, 2010

Gabriella's Many Faces of Halloween !

LOL  From my Blog post Title you may guess that I had multiple Halloween looks... AND I DID I think I ended up about 3 different looks for myself ! I know so crazy huh ? Halloween this year was so much fun ! I wasn't really feeling it at first but im glad I dragged myself out ! 

Here is my first look I did on myself the day before Halloween on my Oahu Trip to do makeup for The Throwdowns !!

Haha not the best picture but you get the jist ! I was supposed to paint my face dia de los muertos styled bu I didnt have enough time to paint my entire face ! after doing all the throwdowns ! LOL so i just did bright red lips , a slight smokey eye and cut marks on my cheeks ... If you watch Nip/Tuck then I told people i was a carver victim hahaah ! I will insert a pic of all the throwdowns with their face painting because it is way to cool to not show !

So much fun ! My next Halloween look was the look I did with my family ! Every year we all dress up themed ! LOL

lolz yeah we were Super Mario Bro's HAHA !!

Yeah lol It was so funny everyone wanted to take pictures with Joel and I !! Little kids were looking at us like we were celebrities ... It was very very cute !!! Later on in the evening we went out with my friend Jenn since Halloween is also her BIRTHDAY ! It was her BIG 21 so I wanted a little more "adult" Costume LOLz.... So here it is ...

I had such a wonderful Halloween , it was my first one as a legal drinker HAHA and it was dandy !