Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday Makeup

I did Make a video for this look HOWEVER I do not think I will post it . My lack of proper recording materials makes this makeup look ; look a lot like my "Natural Neutral" when in actuality its NOTHING like that look LOL !

You see this look ! On camera (shitty MacBook webcam) it looks goldish brown ... when in real life its gold , light cranberry in the crease then a deep wine color in the outer V ... I wish I could capture this look in all its beauty ... But until i get #1 Better lighting and #2 better camera / video camera #3 better computer  I dont know how this is possible .

Ugh , lol im so out of it lately . Not feeling 100% Healthy ... Due to everyone around me being sick and I feel like im gaining back the weight I lost :( wah wah wah

LOL ill stop this post while im ahead ! Have a Happy Thanksgiving all !!
I wish I could post pictures , but even my regular camera is broken.. YAY ME 

lol xoxo Gabriella

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