Friday, November 5, 2010

Gabriella's Many Faces of Halloween !

LOL  From my Blog post Title you may guess that I had multiple Halloween looks... AND I DID I think I ended up about 3 different looks for myself ! I know so crazy huh ? Halloween this year was so much fun ! I wasn't really feeling it at first but im glad I dragged myself out ! 

Here is my first look I did on myself the day before Halloween on my Oahu Trip to do makeup for The Throwdowns !!

Haha not the best picture but you get the jist ! I was supposed to paint my face dia de los muertos styled bu I didnt have enough time to paint my entire face ! after doing all the throwdowns ! LOL so i just did bright red lips , a slight smokey eye and cut marks on my cheeks ... If you watch Nip/Tuck then I told people i was a carver victim hahaah ! I will insert a pic of all the throwdowns with their face painting because it is way to cool to not show !

So much fun ! My next Halloween look was the look I did with my family ! Every year we all dress up themed ! LOL

lolz yeah we were Super Mario Bro's HAHA !!

Yeah lol It was so funny everyone wanted to take pictures with Joel and I !! Little kids were looking at us like we were celebrities ... It was very very cute !!! Later on in the evening we went out with my friend Jenn since Halloween is also her BIRTHDAY ! It was her BIG 21 so I wanted a little more "adult" Costume LOLz.... So here it is ...

I had such a wonderful Halloween , it was my first one as a legal drinker HAHA and it was dandy !

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