Friday, October 29, 2010

New Video ~_~ *Sugar Skull*

Quick Post to let you know I have another video out!! It is inspired by Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead) Here is a picture of what inspired me ...

Here is my interpretation ... LOL

This version on myself when I was just bored messing around with my new face stuff haha and then this version for the video....

YAY for glitter and color LOL I love this look is so spooky yet sultry.. well I think so anyways haha :D here is the video if you want to try this look on yourself !!!


Also I dont think I officially posted the JOKER tutorial so it is live and up now !! If u want to check it out !!  I love how into it Joel got ! love that guy

I wont be posting for a few days ! Im going to be in Oahu doing makeup with The Throwdowns all weekend :] and then wonderful Halloween is Sunday ! I cant wait to blog my costumes and what not ! And my Oahu adventures... YAY until then...

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