Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Carving Dinner and Maui Thing Shoot !!

So Last week I was fortunate enough to work with the wonderful company MAUI THING again !! I love these girls !! So much fun to work with !! This last week I did Hair and Makeup for them at the cute store and then we shot up in Iao Valley !! SO BEAUTIFUL up there ! I have quite a few bug bites to remember it by haha ! As usual here are some teaser shots until I get the real shots from the professionals haha !!!

SO MUCH FUN !! I also made a quick short behind the scenes Video !!!


HA on a different note ! Joel and I finally got to doing some Halloween festivities ! I wanted to make a
"Fallish" dinner while we carved our pumpkins ! And We also watched interview with a vampire and Zombieland LOLz , baked Halloween choco chip cookies and made hot coco with ghost marshmellows LMAO !! You could say I Kind of got way way into it ! BUT HEY Joel never really got to make memories like these when he was a kid like I did ! So I wanted to make it special ! It was his first time carving a pumpkin after all !!!

So we Can start the picture overload with our festive feast !! We made Mediterrian Style Chicken Drum Sticks with Roasted Carrots !! YES IT WAS AS GOOD AS IT SOUNDS LOL

Me getting down and dirty with the chicken lol

This Is the Chicken all yummy and cooked !! OMG it was seriously so amazing !

These Carrots were so amazing ! and SO EASY ! BEFORE :

And AFTER well seasoned soft and tasty !


ENOUGH of the food haha on to the fun stuff the pumpkins....

Joel with our spread haha

Joel and Jay Carving away!

Hollowing out the pumpkins!
Joel drew the Joker outline before he carved it out haha

Yes this is my pumpkin and yes I tried to make it look like Hello Kitty GAGA

Joel's Pumpkin came out pretty amazing !

And then the night ended with a warm cup of hot coco with Ghost Marshmellows and Halloween Choco Chip Cookies :D

Yummy !! XO Gab

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  1. sounds like a wonderful evening!!!!