Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Makeup Trends

Spring Makeup Trends

For Spring I am currently OBSESSED with a BOLD lip!!
Pink in particular as well!! 
Its the perfect way to add some color to your look without taking alot of time to do it!
You can also kick up the look an extra notch by adding a colored liner to your simple eye look!
 Use that bright colored eyeshadow that's been sitting in the back of your makeup drawer ! 
Just slightly dampen your liner brush then dip into your shadow,
 to create a more saturated liner look using shadow !!!
Spring is all about playing with color ! Makeup is only temporary so explore and have fun :]
xx Gabriella 

Thursday, March 28, 2013

No Style

I really need to start taking some risks in the clothing department.
All back errrday can only work for so long haha !!!
I joke that I'm Gothic .... but I may in fact be a closet goth kid HAHA

Exhibit A :

All Black in the blazing LA sun ... Crazy ? Fashion Statement ? nah Laziness is the more accurate answer !
I cant help it that most of my clothes are black , its mostly because of my job ... Mostly haha !

I really do try to add color but its hard to find the perfect balance of my goth chic meets spring time .
I mostly find it easier to add color on my face , IE makeup .

Of course , I'm a makeup artist !!!!

Exhibit B :

Bright colorful lips , compliments of Limecrime cosmetics !!!
On me (Left floral headed lady) Poisonberry - Limecrime on Marjorie Airbourne Unicorn also Limecrime !!
Thanks Do Deere for being so creative when making lip colors for us simple humans :]

Its obviously easier for me to experiment with color on my face.


I wanna wear pretty sundresses , and long flowy skirts

Exhibit C:

color by gabrie525 featuring red makeup

 Obviously my "colorful" outfit is Vintage inspired ... I love the Vintage look lol 
Until my next not so colorful post !!!

xoxo Gabriella 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Operation Gabriella

Operation Gabriella , what is this you might ask ?
This is me trying to commit to doing what I love , blogging !!!
I dont know how in the heck I still get views on this blog daily ... considering my last post was in October ...

Life is good , I am progressively stepping up the Sephora chain .
Planning two weddings ... Both for myself haha 
Supporting my love Joel in his artistic endeavors .
And trying to get on a routine .

Wedding planning is fun , thanks to Pinterest . I feel like every time I *Repin* its another thing checked off the long list of Weddings TO-DO's

Theoretically of course 

Work is fantastic , I am now officially the Beauty Studio Captain for our local Sephora..

**crowd cheers**

So much fun to be in a job I am in love with . 
Perfect marriage of Management and Business and MAKEUP.

More Blogs on the way I leave you with a sneak peak of our Save The Date photo shoot , Photo taken by the lovely and talented and my future sister in law Marie Jalayahay and photo wizard editing skills by the lovely Anna Meneses ....

Happy Tuesday xo Gabriella 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bored Inspiration

Sitting at home today after a short shift at work , just doing the usual browsing on Pinterest ...
Then inspiration strikes !! Wishing I had face paint I settled for some eye and lip liners.
And got to work , I'm kind of bummed this year we aren't able to do "gore " or "zombie makeup at work this year ... Not sure why ? But needless to say I was disappointed. 

This is what I came up with , considering I had no supplies ... Not bad . 

In my opinion 

I obviously played with these top photos to make them look cooler haha but seriously how cool is this face "paint" job !!! Its such an easy thing to do especially for that last minute costume !

Here is a shot I took before I filled in the black part so you can see what a difference it made!

I did the red lips outline first with a red lip liner then drew in the white sharp teeth with a white eye liner . THEN I traced the white teeth with a black eye liner ... At this point I was thinking to myself whats missing ? My Fiance ( the artist that he is ) said to fill in the space between the teeth to mask my lips and cheeks ... SO  I did ... LOL 

Made a huge difference and I was able to make the teeth look even sharper and cooler !!!
I love doing fun random stuff . Here's to the month of October !

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To wash or not to wash VOL 2

Second most brush related Sephora client question :

#2 " Why should I wash my brushes?"

I think to every makeup artist out there asking this question is like asking should I wash my clothes daily ?
Gross , I know .

All your makeup does not magically vanish from your brushes . It sits there taunting you while grabbing dirt and bacteria friends from your face and the open air .

Me personally I have dealt with some acne issues moving back to DIRTY Los Angeles .A combination of old makeup , skin bacteria and dirty LA air does not do wonders for your skin. Trust me .

I get a lot of clients that complain about acne and id say about 80% of them DO NOT clean their brushes !
Whether you have problem skin or not it is necessary to up-keep your skin and brush life by simply cleaning your brushes !

If you have a busy schedule here's a tip , if your pocketbook permits buy two of each brush and switch off between dirty and clean brushes !

Otherwise simply put clean those brushes !!! :]

Till my next Brush segment adiossss

***Next Posts Questions***

#3 "Why should I buy brush cleanser?"
#4 "Cant I use hand soap or shampoo to clean my brushes ?"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

To wash or not to wash ? VOL 1

Working at Sephora , I tend to always get asked the same questions.
#1 " Why do my brushes shed ?"
#2 " Why should I wash my brushes?"
#3 "Why should I buy brush cleanser?"
#4 "Cant I use hand soap or shampoo to clean my brushes ?"
#5 "Why are brushes so expensive?"
Where to begin , ha-ha !!
There's nothing more beautiful and soft then a new pair of makeup brushes !
So soft , so clean , so beautiful and easy to use !
And not to mention EXPENSIVE . Makeup Brushes are an investment ! When properly cared for should last you a pretty long time :] Especially since good quality brushes can range anywhere from $9-40+
*To Answer the first question : "Why do my brushes shed ?"*
There are a few reasons why you brushes can start to shed . 
Using them too vigorously whether while applying makeup or cleaning them can cause them to loose hair or shed. In-proper storage when wet can also cause the brushes to shed especially if you are storing them brush hair up. Reason being the water seeps down into the Farrell and eats away at the glue holding the hairs in place :[ . 
How to fix this you may ask ? Be gentle with your lovely gems ! and dry them facing downward so the moisture can drip onto a paper-towel !

Hope that was fun and informative and not a snooze fest !!

The month of July I am making into brush month :]
Almost as cool as shark week so contain your excitement !!

This month I will answer my above top asked Sephora client brush related questions !!

Comment if you have another question to add :]

Happy No Brush Hair Shedding ! xo Gabriella

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Makeuppppp

Finally made another tutorial!!! Took forever to post about it LOL but here it is 

Products I used :

UDDP : Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Urban Decay Shadow in Half Baked 
MAC Sushi Flower (bright pinky color)
MAC Saddle to blend in the crease 
MAC ricepaper , Brule , and Shroom under my brows to highlight 
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in 0l (aka black)
Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara (not my fav)
Doir Brow Pencil

and for the face products I actually talked in the video about what i used ... ew creepy I hate talking in my videos LOL

But anywho been wearing this look alot its fun and light pretty colors for summer and pretty easy to do :]