Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bored Inspiration

Sitting at home today after a short shift at work , just doing the usual browsing on Pinterest ...
Then inspiration strikes !! Wishing I had face paint I settled for some eye and lip liners.
And got to work , I'm kind of bummed this year we aren't able to do "gore " or "zombie makeup at work this year ... Not sure why ? But needless to say I was disappointed. 

This is what I came up with , considering I had no supplies ... Not bad . 

In my opinion 

I obviously played with these top photos to make them look cooler haha but seriously how cool is this face "paint" job !!! Its such an easy thing to do especially for that last minute costume !

Here is a shot I took before I filled in the black part so you can see what a difference it made!

I did the red lips outline first with a red lip liner then drew in the white sharp teeth with a white eye liner . THEN I traced the white teeth with a black eye liner ... At this point I was thinking to myself whats missing ? My Fiance ( the artist that he is ) said to fill in the space between the teeth to mask my lips and cheeks ... SO  I did ... LOL 

Made a huge difference and I was able to make the teeth look even sharper and cooler !!!
I love doing fun random stuff . Here's to the month of October !

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To wash or not to wash VOL 2

Second most brush related Sephora client question :

#2 " Why should I wash my brushes?"

I think to every makeup artist out there asking this question is like asking should I wash my clothes daily ?
Gross , I know .

All your makeup does not magically vanish from your brushes . It sits there taunting you while grabbing dirt and bacteria friends from your face and the open air .

Me personally I have dealt with some acne issues moving back to DIRTY Los Angeles .A combination of old makeup , skin bacteria and dirty LA air does not do wonders for your skin. Trust me .

I get a lot of clients that complain about acne and id say about 80% of them DO NOT clean their brushes !
Whether you have problem skin or not it is necessary to up-keep your skin and brush life by simply cleaning your brushes !

If you have a busy schedule here's a tip , if your pocketbook permits buy two of each brush and switch off between dirty and clean brushes !

Otherwise simply put clean those brushes !!! :]

Till my next Brush segment adiossss

***Next Posts Questions***

#3 "Why should I buy brush cleanser?"
#4 "Cant I use hand soap or shampoo to clean my brushes ?"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

To wash or not to wash ? VOL 1

Working at Sephora , I tend to always get asked the same questions.
#1 " Why do my brushes shed ?"
#2 " Why should I wash my brushes?"
#3 "Why should I buy brush cleanser?"
#4 "Cant I use hand soap or shampoo to clean my brushes ?"
#5 "Why are brushes so expensive?"
Where to begin , ha-ha !!
There's nothing more beautiful and soft then a new pair of makeup brushes !
So soft , so clean , so beautiful and easy to use !
And not to mention EXPENSIVE . Makeup Brushes are an investment ! When properly cared for should last you a pretty long time :] Especially since good quality brushes can range anywhere from $9-40+
*To Answer the first question : "Why do my brushes shed ?"*
There are a few reasons why you brushes can start to shed . 
Using them too vigorously whether while applying makeup or cleaning them can cause them to loose hair or shed. In-proper storage when wet can also cause the brushes to shed especially if you are storing them brush hair up. Reason being the water seeps down into the Farrell and eats away at the glue holding the hairs in place :[ . 
How to fix this you may ask ? Be gentle with your lovely gems ! and dry them facing downward so the moisture can drip onto a paper-towel !

Hope that was fun and informative and not a snooze fest !!

The month of July I am making into brush month :]
Almost as cool as shark week so contain your excitement !!

This month I will answer my above top asked Sephora client brush related questions !!

Comment if you have another question to add :]

Happy No Brush Hair Shedding ! xo Gabriella

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Makeuppppp

Finally made another tutorial!!! Took forever to post about it LOL but here it is 

Products I used :

UDDP : Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Urban Decay Shadow in Half Baked 
MAC Sushi Flower (bright pinky color)
MAC Saddle to blend in the crease 
MAC ricepaper , Brule , and Shroom under my brows to highlight 
Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes in 0l (aka black)
Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara (not my fav)
Doir Brow Pencil

and for the face products I actually talked in the video about what i used ... ew creepy I hate talking in my videos LOL

But anywho been wearing this look alot its fun and light pretty colors for summer and pretty easy to do :]

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stop Sign

Yikes it's June already! So much has happened to me this year that I will never forget .
A little over a year ago I took the biggest leap with the man of my dreams. 
We are so happy here , sure things haven't gone exactly the way we planned but when in life does it ever ?

I'm so excited to keep moving forward and learning more about myself and my skills.
I love my Makeup and Hair stuff but its beginning to be put on the back burner.
I am learning so much more about life and everything that comes with it!!

Actually turns out I have a knack for floral arrangements ha-ha , which I find to be actually quite entertaining!
Getting paid to do something you enjoy is such a success in life . I feel sorry for those who search forever looking for something bigger and better . 
Live in the moment and enjoy whats in front of you before its gone !

College is just months away another exciting first for me . 
Nervous about seeing faces I don't want to see , but excited to get back into the learning game.
Scared to see what little I learned in High School is still stored in my brain LOL

On a side note I have an edited makeup tutorial just sitting here on my desktop ... 
I should prbly upload but my internet is so slow it literally takes days ...
And I'm so unsure about even posting tutorials any more . Sigh 

Joel and I at the flower shop workinggggggg hahaha its fun to be working together again :] 
That is how we met after all <3

Until Next time xo Gabriella

Sunday, March 18, 2012

March :]

Things are going to start happening ! I have never been so driven to make my life work.
I'm bringing the ones I love along for the ride!!
I've realized i'm so passionate about everything !
Life , Love , Friends , Everything!

It is time to start networking again , working hard to get things done .
Joel is doing so well too its so exciting his artwork is getting to be something overly amazing!
Being creative with the #1 person in my life is so much fun :]

I've been thinking about doing picture tutorials rather then my videos for now till I have better editing equipment .
And it would be easier to post more daily . 
Watcha think ?

On that note here is an ADORABLE picture tutorial from Lauren Conrad :]

So Adorable ! I tried this on my hair the other night , didnt come out as well . 
I think its because my curling iron sucks LOL

I tried Lauren ! LOL

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top Three Skincare Items of the Month !!!

I seriously cannot stop talking about these products !! LOL the way they have changed my skin I will forever worship !! I used to have the most beautiful glowy soft skin !!
But mix some bad habits , and ENORMOUS stress into my life and BAM acne and the worst kind !
Having bad skin took such a toll on my life ( i know stupid) but I mean I am a makeup artist !
I am in peoples faces everyday ! They look at me as what they might look like !

Had to take serious action to fix it ! I had tried so many different things to make it better !
After testing and testing of so many different products I finally found the right bunch to help my poor skin !

My number #1 love is ....((drum roll))

The oh so wonderful clarisonic , this baby leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth !
It oscillates in two directions to shimmy all the dirt and grime out of your pores !
It also cleans your skin so efficiently that any skincare product you use after you cleanse works more efficiently then when you cleanse with you fingers !
AHHH-mazing !!!

Now on to my #2 favorite product ...

The Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleansing Gel !! Ahhhhh I know anti-aging ???
Well the same products that make your skin look young and more glowy also help control some main components of acne causing problems !!
This cleanser changed my skin so dramatically !! I use it with my clarisonic to get the maximum benefits !!!

Finally product #3 !!!!

One of my biggest skin issues was that I was so oily !! So any normal reaction is to want to re frame from over moisturizing ... WRONG  Skin becomes oily when it is dehydrated !! It is trying to hydrate itself by over producing oil ! Once I started to moisturize appropriately my skin changed even more so !
I use the Josie Maran Oil over night to hydrate my skin !
Im always so excited to wake up every morning and see what my skin looks like !
I feel like every morning is Christmas haha just watching my skin get better and better :]

I use alot of other random things but these are my top 3 for this  month :]

Trying to blog more ... Let me know if you guys maybe want some product reviews , or more tutorials. ... Anything :] well ... almost anything !!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Love is in the Air

February is always such a jam packed month for Joel and I !!
Our Anniversary falls on the first of the month and then Valentines day !
Weee what good times ahaha !
We didn't do much for our anniversary this year !! We both worked :[ BUT he did surprise me with some beautiful roses and delicious cupcakes :]
I cant even imagine what the last four years of my life would have been like if he had not asked me to be his girlfriend four years ago <3

Joel is always such an inspiration in my life !! Creatively and emotionally !
Joel see's me everyday , doing my makeup all my different looks haha!
Guess what his favorite is ?....

VINTAGE inspired makeup :]
I think he loves the simplicity of it and how it just enhances natural beauty !
So of course on our special day I went ahead and did a vintage look :]

I love you Joel ! And how even though your a guy you can appreciate all the hard work that goes into my makeup HAHA love u !!! ( and for so many more reasons of course )

Monday, January 16, 2012

Finally !! A New Video !!!!

I have finally took the time to make a new video ! Haha !
What a relief I feel so proud ... of myself ROFL !!!
It's a simple day looknothing major , kinda inspired by vintage beauty :]
Hope you guys like it :] Make sure to let me know if you have any requests :p

Products used :

Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Naked Pigment
Makeup Forever Aqua Gel Liner
Stila holiday pallate darkest brown Shade
Dior Lip Glow 
Dior Lip Gloss

Stay Tuned for more videos and posts <3