Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top Three Skincare Items of the Month !!!

I seriously cannot stop talking about these products !! LOL the way they have changed my skin I will forever worship !! I used to have the most beautiful glowy soft skin !!
But mix some bad habits , and ENORMOUS stress into my life and BAM acne and the worst kind !
Having bad skin took such a toll on my life ( i know stupid) but I mean I am a makeup artist !
I am in peoples faces everyday ! They look at me as what they might look like !

Had to take serious action to fix it ! I had tried so many different things to make it better !
After testing and testing of so many different products I finally found the right bunch to help my poor skin !

My number #1 love is ....((drum roll))

The oh so wonderful clarisonic , this baby leaves my skin feeling so clean and smooth !
It oscillates in two directions to shimmy all the dirt and grime out of your pores !
It also cleans your skin so efficiently that any skincare product you use after you cleanse works more efficiently then when you cleanse with you fingers !
AHHH-mazing !!!

Now on to my #2 favorite product ...

The Peter Thomas Roth Anti Aging Cleansing Gel !! Ahhhhh I know anti-aging ???
Well the same products that make your skin look young and more glowy also help control some main components of acne causing problems !!
This cleanser changed my skin so dramatically !! I use it with my clarisonic to get the maximum benefits !!!

Finally product #3 !!!!

One of my biggest skin issues was that I was so oily !! So any normal reaction is to want to re frame from over moisturizing ... WRONG  Skin becomes oily when it is dehydrated !! It is trying to hydrate itself by over producing oil ! Once I started to moisturize appropriately my skin changed even more so !
I use the Josie Maran Oil over night to hydrate my skin !
Im always so excited to wake up every morning and see what my skin looks like !
I feel like every morning is Christmas haha just watching my skin get better and better :]

I use alot of other random things but these are my top 3 for this  month :]

Trying to blog more ... Let me know if you guys maybe want some product reviews , or more tutorials. ... Anything :] well ... almost anything !!


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