Friday, June 15, 2012

Stop Sign

Yikes it's June already! So much has happened to me this year that I will never forget .
A little over a year ago I took the biggest leap with the man of my dreams. 
We are so happy here , sure things haven't gone exactly the way we planned but when in life does it ever ?

I'm so excited to keep moving forward and learning more about myself and my skills.
I love my Makeup and Hair stuff but its beginning to be put on the back burner.
I am learning so much more about life and everything that comes with it!!

Actually turns out I have a knack for floral arrangements ha-ha , which I find to be actually quite entertaining!
Getting paid to do something you enjoy is such a success in life . I feel sorry for those who search forever looking for something bigger and better . 
Live in the moment and enjoy whats in front of you before its gone !

College is just months away another exciting first for me . 
Nervous about seeing faces I don't want to see , but excited to get back into the learning game.
Scared to see what little I learned in High School is still stored in my brain LOL

On a side note I have an edited makeup tutorial just sitting here on my desktop ... 
I should prbly upload but my internet is so slow it literally takes days ...
And I'm so unsure about even posting tutorials any more . Sigh 

Joel and I at the flower shop workinggggggg hahaha its fun to be working together again :] 
That is how we met after all <3

Until Next time xo Gabriella

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