Friday, October 22, 2010

My First Male Makeup Tutorial... and DEF not my last haha !

So my boyfriend Joel has been bugging me to make him look like the Joker from the Movie Dark Knight! At first I was a little resistant because #1 I have never really done much makeup on a male before and # 2 never really worked with special FX makeup ... But I took on the challenge today ... and was pleasently surprised ! Here is a picture of the inspiration !

Whew this guy is pretty spooky looking haha !! But anywho here are a few "teaser" shots of the look until my video comes out !! (hopefully tmrw) I also should have a different teaser up tmrw so keep on the look out for that !!

HAHA wait till you guys see the video ! It is way to funny ! and so much fun to do ! My Joel go so into his character !! LOL until my next post !!


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