Sunday, September 5, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award !! :D

Yay ! So this is OFFCIALY my first "blog award" !! Its from Tracepoo at A Maui Mommy funny thing Tracepoo was also once my Po'okela(sp) teacher in High School :D Super cool thanks so much !! I really appreciate it :D

Okay, so... to officially accept this award, I am supposed to reveal 5 secrets about me or my blog.  Sooooooo Here we GOOO :D
#1 I never planned on Makeup/ Hair being a career and such a passion !!

Originally I was on the track to do marine biology !! I love everything about the ocean ! ( and I still do) But my now boss/mentor opened my eyes to the beauty industry ! I always as a young girl was cutting my own hair  ! Doing everyones makeup and being creative ! Little did I know I was some what good at it haha :] How I am so greatful to have met her !! 

#2 I am OBSESSED with being organized :D

I really am !! I never noticed it as much growing up and sharing a room with my brothers and sisters ! But the second I got my own room is when I realized how neat and tidy I like everything to be ! My closet is color coordinated :] I also have all my makeup , and hair products neatly tucked away into their own little holders :D I love shopping for all sorts of little things to help organize my life ! 

#3 Moving to Hawaii was not planned... or wanted (at First)

When I moved here to Maui unfortunately it was against my will ! I wont get into direct details but it was not a good time in my life for me :/ When I moved here from California I was miserable ! But it took a good 2 years for me to realize why I was here ... and I couldnt love and appreciate it more now that I have matured and grown up ! Sure its slow paced and sometimes I can get a little bored , but hey I LIVE IN PARADISE !!! What more can I ask for  ?

#4 I'm more in love with Blogging then Vlogging !

As some of you may or may not know I do some vlogging/ tutorials on YouTube as well , but I think my heart is with Blogging ! Something about typing is less frontal hahaha for obvious reasons heehe but I do enjoy making my tutorials ! Im hoping eventually that this will help me spread my name in the industry as it has from some others :D

#5 I dont like to be called GABBY hahahaha

Random fact I hate being called Gabby :[ I love my name Gabriella !! I will settle for Gab or Gabrie or even the oh so short and sweet G ... But for some reason Gabby makes my ears bleeed{ haha dramatic} but yeah... hahaha

Okay so Now I am to award this to 5 other bloggers.... Here I go :] **Drum Roll**

Hope You Ladies Enjoy your award ! I GREATLY love reading all your blogs :]

Aloha all :D

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