Saturday, September 18, 2010

Makeup Blog Haul :]

Yo blog friends !! So I went on a makeup shopping spree not to long ago :] on the oh so wonderful !! Free shipping is always such a trap haha !!! But hey living in Hawaii shipping can get kind of crazy !! Any who , I decided to blog my haul rather then make a video... I dont get alot of response from haul videos(YET) so i'll do Haul Blogs for now :]

ELF Golden Bronzer :] (Studio Line) $3

ELF Warm Bronzer (studio line ) $3

ELF Matte Bronzer (reg line) $1

Tarina Tarantino E/S in Candy Cameo (gifted)

Swatch of Candy Cameo :]

ELF all over Color Sticks (reg line) $1 each

Swatches of Color Sticks Left to Right :
Toasted : Pink Lemonade : Persimmon  

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher in Shy (reg line) $1

Swatch of Shy Blush :]

ELF Lip Liners (reg line) $1 each

Swatches of the Lip Liners from Left to Right :
Mauve Luxe : Bark : Bitter : Natural Blush : Spice

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipsticks (reg line) $1 each

Lipstick Swatches Left to Right 
Maple Sugar : Pink Lemonade : Strawberry
(I had more of these but I had to give them to a client so they could retouch later >_<)

Yves Saint Laurent Pallate (gifted) Harmony for eyes #7

 Unfortuneatly I do not know the names of these colors :[ But look at that pay off ! PRETTY 
Urban Decay Sustainable Pallate (gifted) Love this pallate , but tons of fallout :[

 Colors From top of the pallate , Left to Right :
Twice Baked : YDK : FlipSide: Grifter : VZI

Colors from Bottom of Pallate : Left to Right :
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again : FLASH : Oil Slick : Kiddie Pool : Half Baked 
Well there you have it my full haul complete with swatches haha :] There were a few other things i got... That I have to find ! haha :[ I also hurt my neck due too... Well to be honest I don't know how I hurt my neck but it is  killing me haha its better then it in initially was ... So I am thankful for that !

Until my next post !!

Buh Bye :]


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