Saturday, September 11, 2010


Tarte is a makeup line that is a natural and eco friendly ! AND AWESOME haha I mean I havent tried a whole lot of their products ... But the few things I have tried I have LOVED !!

First thing is the Tarte Natural Face Primer : Clean Slate :]

I am a sucker for a good primer ! This one is so cool ! When you squeeze a bit out it is a gel like texture but then as you rub it into your skin it almost turns into a powdery type of texture ! Feels amazing and NOT heavy which is something that is very important to me ! Clean Slate is also PARABEN free !! yay ! To Purchase this Item or Read more about it click Here :]

Another Tarte item I am familiar with are their most wonderful Cheek Stains !! I know I know who in their right  mind would want to stain their cheeks right ?! haha well trust me , they are wonderful and alcohol free so they wont dry out your skin ! Check them out HERE
The Tarte Lip Stains are something I AM DYING TO TRY !! Usually lip stains are extreamly drying that way they can stain your lippys haha but these claim to be not only moisturizing but also PLUMPING !! How exciting eh ? They have these above lovely "matte" Shades and also their regular formula !!

Oh How I wish I could buy tarte products ! Thanks to Macina to turning me onto Tarte Cosmetics !

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