Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Love Mermaids!!

I have always had an intense fascination with Mermaids ! I think it went hand in hand with my love for the ocean ! Growing up my mother would always take us to the beach , and the aquarium !! She loves the ocean because her favorite color is blue !! haha Oh the beauty and grace mermaids have ! Too bad they aren't real :[

So the other day I was inspired by the beauty and fantasy of Mermaids ! Enough to do a Mermaid inspired look for my YouTube Channel I have a "Halloween Series" that I am doing right now since Halloween is just around the corner ! I have always wanted to be a Mermaid for Halloween !!! But I need to get into better shape then that ;] hehe ANYWAYS here are a few shots of the look I came up with!!!
As you probably know I also do video tutorials ! And I DEFIANTLY made one for this look I also tried something new I made hair tutorial ! YAY Check out the videos Below :]



I love making my videos ! My heart will always be with blogging but whew making videos takes alot of time lol but its fun ! and its a great for getting my name out there ! 
Ah well I hope everyone is having an AMAZING Sunday ! Please make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like what you see :] haha and let me know if you have any requests for Halloween makeup looks !

xoxo Gabriella


  1. I love mermaids too!!!! Ariel will always be one of my favorite Disney princesses (right up there with Jasmine and Pocahontas). So guess what?? I am going to be a mermaid for Halloween!!! And not just any mermaid -- a NAKED mermaid! Okay, okay, I am not going to be naked... But somehow I am going to create the illusion of nudity! I have been wanting to do this since my freshman year of college and my hair is finally long enough! Hehe. Maybe I will use your hair/makeup tips :)

  2. u need a nude leotard !! how fun !!!!!!! let me know if you use any of my makeup tips !! and if u do plz take pics so i can blog it :]

  3. Nude leotard! That is a perfect idea!! And I will definitely send you some pics!

  4. Mermaid actually exist. You should watch animal planet. They talk about how they found mermaid and how they did investigation to find mermaid with the whales. go search it up on youtube as mermaid found 1-8

  5. if you watch mermaids: the body found on animal planet it answers a lot of questions and i'm also fasinated with them but it's funny to admit that you believe in something that for so long it's been a "fantasy" but i don't know what to believe now. are they real or not?

  6. .. i think i dont want to be a mermaid !! coz it's vey difficult to be a mermaid !! but anyway i ,love mermaids !!!! i wish i could see mermaid in personal not just in picture !! but in personal !!!! i have question !!! is mermaid is real??
    i think my question is very wierd !! i think i may watch animal planet!!