Friday, September 10, 2010

No Makeup Case :/

Usually I fill my lonely evenings with makeup :/ But tonight I forgot my case in the car ... and Joel took the car to work... haha fail :[ But ne who ! Tomorrow is another Night alone and I PROMISE to have swatches of my Elf/Sephora haul !! haha

If you dont follow my YouTube Channel... YOUR missing out haha just messing ! But since Halloween is around the corner I have started my "Halloween" Series ! I started the series with an Anime Look Inspired by the Character Kairi From Kingdom Hearts ... If your not familiar with the game here is a photo...

Kairi is the cute girl in the game ! I decided to start off my series with her because I know alot of gamers and anime peeps do alot of "cosplay" So this look is pretty versatile for even when its not Halloween :]

Here is my video featuring my friend Jennifer :]

And if you haven't already please subscribe to my YouTube Channel :] I would really really appreciate it :D

Have a happy Aloha Friday !

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